Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Goodbye to My Best Friend Elder Ramos-Returned With Honor

Well it’s official. I dropped my companion Elder Ramos off at the offices today. I don´t know about transfers if I am leaving yet. I should know within the next half hour or so. And yea I haven´t sent pics in a while because everyone and their dog has been wanting to take pictures with us these last few weeks and they all tell me they will put them on facebook so I have just been letting them do my job for me. Haha That´s so awesome for Nathan. He is such a good guy! He has serious ballin skills. I´m glad seth´s surgery went ok. What is the word on the Sidney house?! I would die for some cold wind right now.... Haha I´ll let you know on transfers. Love you!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 8:56 AM, Tim Hackleman wrote:

Dear Elder Hackleman

So I bet your week was pretty busy!!! What's happening? New companion! I'm sure it was a crazy time! You'll have to fill us in on all the details!

So Seth had his surgery. It went really well, but he is struggling to recover. If anyone knows how it is, it's you! He just can't get comfortable and isn't very hungry. Yesterday was kinda rough for him and this morning, as if he wasn't struggling enough, he threw up. But by the time I had Nathan to Seminary, he was sound asleep. So hopefully he'll get some rest. I'm sure your mom will tell you this but I'll tell you anyway! :) Seth's doctor came out and talked to us while Seth was in recovery. He said that he would PREFER that Seth goes on his mission before playing anymore football. That it would be as good as new with two years to recover. He could play this fall, but if he ended up injuring it again, he may not be able to repair it again. I'm worried that if Seth doesn't get on a team this fall he won't be able to get on one when he gets home. I'm okay with that, but I know how much you guys love playing. Lots of decisions ahead of him. It doesn't help the fact that he had coaches from two different schools contact him on the day of his surgery!

Maybe you should write him and give him your counsel. He'll value that a great deal.

Your brothers are doing great! Grant has straight A's in school! He is working so hard!!! Nathan is doing great on the spiritual side, but needs to pay a little more attention to the school side! :)

Well, I can't wait to hear how this past week went! Change can be very exciting and motivating!!

I love you so much and I'm so proud of you! Take care of yourself and keep working hard! You're clankin' half way through your mission!!!!

Love you!


Hey pops!

Still nothing on transfers. I am just bumming it with another companionship until tomorrow when I get my new companion. They still haven´t told me if I am changing areas as well or not. I will let you know. I was pretty bummed letting my companion go. We have become best friends. So what happened with the sidney house?! Did you finally get that thing sold? Sounds like seth has a lot of decisions to make. I will send him my input. Haha I am so proud of nathan and grant. They are rock stars for real......well without the drugs and women and parties of course. Haha I sure love you dad. I will find a way to let you guys know about transfers.

Elder Hackleman


Last Days in Current Area, Elder Hackleman Gets Transferred

Friday, January 3, 2014

More Christmas 2013 Photos

Elder Hackleman ,always friendly very helpful ,a very special missionary ,loved by all the neighborhood, especially his family Ochoa Quinte. - With Jaren Hackleman.  This is google translated from the quote put under this picture on facebook.