Monday, March 24, 2014

This week photos

The tall gringo on the other end of this picture is my zone leader and he is BEST FRIENDS with Josh Woodbury! They are from the same little town in Texas and Josh´s mom was his seminary teacher! How nuts is that!

March 24, 2014 Missionary Letters

On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 10:16 PM Mom wrote: Elder Hackleman, So, I don't know if you heard, but Coach Fitz left Southern Virginia to coach in Maryland at Frostburg State. They are in the same division. The new coach used to be a quality assurance coach for Urban Meyer at Ohio State. Just a little FYI.

Coach Huss
Coach Fitz

Seth is getting closer to putting in his papers. It's coming up close now. We are looking forward to Grant being inducted into the NJHS Monday evening.

We got Lance Christian's wedding announcement in the mail this week. 

Mckenzi Christensen and Lance Christian Are Getting Married

April 12, 2014 In The Salt Lake Temple

Did the deaf couple get baptized? How are things going for you? I can't believe you passed the half way mark.

Hump Day

So basketball is in full swing. Weber State made it to the dance. They lost in the first round but so did BYU, Nebraska, Duke, and a lot of other hopefuls. Creighton actually did pretty well, but lost today, so really there is no one left to root for.

The boys watched the movie "Space Jam" today.

They laughed a lot and it made Seth homesick for you:) I sure love you!

Love, Mom

What a bummer!!! I had hopes for Creighton this year! Haha I LOVE SPACE JAM! I haven´t seen it in year! Nope our deaf family hasn´t gotten baptized but they are still progressing like crazy. It is awesome. We just have to teach them pretty slow to make sure they get it. They have already given up coffee and alcohol though! Wow I can´t believe Fitz left! Craziness! I know! Can you believe how fast time is flying! I sure love you mom!

Elder Hackleman

Monday, March 17, 2014

Missionary and brother letters

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 8:55 AM, wrote:

Tim Law and I went to Seth Bass's MMA fight on Saturday. Seth won again in the second round. He is still undefeated and he just got offered a 3 year professional contract by multiple sponsors. Seth Bass is also expecting his first child. He was planning on this being his last fight until he started getting professional offers.

Collin Burton, Tim Law, Seth Bass, Seth Hackleman, and Mark Kosmicki

Seth Bass just won another MMA fight and is now going Pro

As you can tell by the picture, Seth and Seth are twin Brothers

I am still working on my mission stuff. I am going to the doctor today for another test.

I love you very much. You are the nicest kid I know.



Hey Seth! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I can´t believe you are already 18. That is so crazy. That is awesome for Seth Bass. Minus the kid part.....haha when you see him again, give him a shout out for me! Good luck on you mission business! I am praying you come to Perù, or at least spanish speaking =) Love you buddy! Que Tengas un Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!!!!

Elder Hackleman

On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 10:02 PM,  wrote:

Seth's birthday is tomorrow you probably no. I'm a little late on his present. So you know I told you about the birthday party I had. It was really awesome because I had a lot of friends over probably 11 people came and three of them were quads as in brothers that were born on the same day. You probably jealous of what I got, lets just say a bunch of money. $105 in cash and a German chocolate candy bar that Garret got me. I really liked it. A dairy queen gift card and a target gift card. Both were $15 each. So basically the money I spent on my air soft gun got replenished from gifts from my party. My air-soft gun worked really well but I accidentally put the wrong weight size of b b's but I had to empty it and put the right size in that I also got from the birthday party. We used pallets that we got for free as the bases and put card board on them so it would fill the cracks and have complete cover. Everyone was talking about how much my gun hurt when they got shot by it so everyone was scared of me so no one shot me because they didn't want to run the risk of me shooting them. Do you remember Jeremy Lawler from Sidney? He had the exact same gun so he inspired me to get it. For some reason the day we had the party it was rainy and a little bit windy so I had my doubts so it turned out really fun. It's funny because every day except my birthday party was sunny and really nice. We went to the Hadleys to have dinner with them and brother Hadley was home and it was on a Thursday so Brother Hadley me and Seth planned to go shooting yesterday. That was really fun. He had really cool guns, like a revolver that he let me shoot. It was really fun. An AR15 which looks almost exactly like an M16 and he had a 12 gauge shot gun. We used the shot gun to cut a log in half and then cut it in half again. We set a target out. It was on Tim Law's property so it was basically in the corn fields. I put a target on a piece of corn that was still standing up, and someone got the target from about 100 yards. I was pretty sure it was me because I was shooting Dad's 2 23 and I remember trying to hit it and looking through the scope and seeing a couple bullet holes through it, and we found some paint cans that we shot also. That was really fun. Tim Law wasn't there though because Austin and Aidie had swimming lessons but he still let us use his property to shoot.

Maybe if you have any thoughts about Seth's birthday presents I know it's going to be a little late but it would be nice to know what you think he would like.

Every Sunday I don't forget to look at your plaque. Every Sunday I look at it. Speaking of church, I got called to be Deacons quorum president and I used to be first councilor.

Love you Bro

Hoping you are having a good time in Peru. Tell me about what you think is funny that you have done there. I know you are pretty much in the mountains now. Can't wait to see you in another year pretty much. Love Grant

Hey Grantee!!!! That sounds like an awesome party! I am super jealous. I have been wanting to shoot a big gun at a target for a WHILE now haha. something really funny that happens here alot, actually its pretty gross, there is a race of women here that are indigenous to Huaraz where I am serving. they are called cholitas. They have no shame in using the bathroom in the middle of public and one night, I was walking home with my companion and I heard a loud grunt behind a bush. It startled me and I whipped around thinking a dog was going to attack me but it was actually a cholita using the bathroom right there in the park!!!! It was super gross. Haha.  You asked for a funny story so I gave you one:) I love you buddy! I hope you had a great birthday.

Your Bro,

Elder Hackleman


So our boy Lebron broke his nose while dunking on someone. But he made the dunk so it's all good. I'm sure he didn't feel a thing. Soon after that he figured why not and just went up and scored 61 points in one game. You know, no bigs. Anyway the Heat are doing good this year. I know where the Miami Heat jersey is so if you want me to send it to you just say the word. Otherwise I'm keeping it for myself.

Nathan, just chillin during spring break

Friday I had a bunch of friends over and we watched Catching Fire. It was pretty fun and we all had a good time, (mainly because we were already stuffed with pizza and popcorn). And yes there were girls that came. Don't want you to think that I am losing my touch or nothin. There is a dance coming up this Saturday so I better be preparing. Have fun in Peru. Later bro.

Haha You go bruthah!!!! That is awesome. Just make sure they are good girls. but cute of course =) THATS OUR BOY LEBRON!!! And yes, You should send it, I miss it alot.....haha when you can though. I bet Catching Fire was cool. I cant wait to see a year! Haha Later buddy. Love you!

Your not so big bro

Elder Hackleman

March 17th Letters to and from Elder Hackleman and his mom

Hello, I sure hope you are having a great week. I thought I would send you some pictures of Grant's birthday this week. We had a great time building up an entire fortress in the back yard. We got bandannas so the teams could tell each other apart. It turned out to be a rather rainy day and windy but I was very glad about that. The day before was sunny and there were so many people out and about walking up and down the sidewalk next to our house I was beginning to worry the air soft war in our backyard might not work. I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't appreciate getting shot while going out for an evening stroll. Luckily no one was out but Grant and his crazy crew. It really was a perfect activity for 12 13 year old boys. They had a ball. Seth and his buddy Collin organized the teams and the games and kept the night under control. They even had whistles. I heard some of the kids talking in the other room right before they left and they said it was the most fun they had ever had at a birthday party.

Grant's Birthday Air Soft War

12 boys in all came to the party

I made 12 pizzas.  Some of them were desert pizzas

It was raining and cold, but that is perfect weather for Air Soft Games

Grant preparing the bases for the Air Soft Game

We got pallets for free from a building supply store.

We found old siding in a junk pile and added cardboard to the smaller sections.  

It ended up being an entire yard full of forts.

Grant got biodegradable air soft pellets 


So one of Grant's friends got in a fight at school last Friday. Grant came out of the school and saw him getting beat up and he jumped right in and pulled the kid off. Right after that a teacher came running out and took both of the boys who were fighting into the principals office. The kid that got beat up is one of the kids in the picture. Anyway, I was so proud of Grant. He certainly sent a message that he can be aggressive if he needs to be. He also set a good example of not just watching, but taking action.

Seth, Nathan and Grant have been out of school all week on spring break and they are even out tomorrow. We have had a great time, but it went by too fast. We were preparing for Grant's birthday party, throwing the birthday party, having Nathan's party and running errands for Seth to get him ready for his mission and the week just flew by. Seth had his doctors appointment on Thursday as well as camping out at the DMV to get his 18 year old drivers license. You know how long it takes to do that. He has to go back in on Monday for the Tuberculosis test that goes in the arm and gets checked 48 hours later. Sound familiar? He has his dentist appointment on Thursday and we will find out about his wisdom teeth. He also didn't pass the eye exam so we will get him into the eye doctor to get a new prescription this week as well. Depending on what we find out about the wisdom teeth will determine when he can turn in his mission papers this week. It all feels very familiar.

I had a great stake Relief Society training meeting yesterday. It really was nice to be inspired and instructed. We were taught by President Schoof from the stake presidency about the importance of the Proclamation to the Family. I really do love learning from such inspired instruction.

We had a wonderful baptism yesterday. A sister in the ward who's husband is a member but she has been taking the lessons off and on for 5 years. I was overwhelmed with the feeling I needed to share your dad's conversion story, so I did. It was very spiritual. Her husband did the baptism and also gave a talk. I was so impressed with his testimony. For sure it was one of those days filled with the spirit.

The kid named xxxx, that Seth and Nathan have been teaching with the missionaries got dropped because he just wasn't keeping commitments and wasn't progressing. The missionaries told us today that he actually texted them and said he would like to come to church again. This really is the first time he has asked to come to church. Usually we always ask him. Maybe he will come around again. We can only pray that it will. Unfortunately he ended up sleeping in today so he didn't come, but the fact that he had the desire to come was a good sign.

I sure love you. I can't wait until tomorrow. Monday is my favorite day of the week because I get to hear from you!

Love you!

Dear Mom,

We had a baptism this week as well. Her name is Pilar. Her boyfriend is a member but less active she has been dragging him to church even though he has no huge interest in going and her entire family is against her being a member. She doesn´t care though because her testimony is so strong.

Baptism This Week.  I got a new companion named Elder Robles.

He is from Mexico but lived in Tucson, Arizona for a while so he actually speaks English.  He is awesome and a great soccer player so our game today is going to be sweet! 

The other picture is just a mountain that I see every day named Huazcaran. Its right outside my window. Pretty huh! I have a new companion too. His name is Elder Robles. He is from mexico. He reminds me alot of Roberto Guzman. Haha He is super awesome though. And hes big! He is my height. Haha I never thought I would have a companion my height! He lived in Tuscan Arizona though so he speaks perfect english. Its funny cuz we will have a conversation and I will speak english and he will respond in spanish or vice versa and we both understand but usually respond in the other language just to shake things up. It´s pretty fun. Haha I sure love you!!!!!

Elder Hackleman

A mountain that I see every day named Huazcaran. Its right outside my window. Pretty huh!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 8:31 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder,

Today is Seth's 18th birthday. I wish you guys would stop growing up so fast!!! I've been missing you a lot this past week. I've been having foot problems and wish I had your priesthood here to give me a blessing. Your mom swears it's gout. I swear it's not because it's on my heel. Same old argument :) Anyway, I was able to get some UNO hockey tickets for last Friday's game. So Seth and I took Tim and Austin for Austin's birthday. We had a great time!! I forgot my phone in the car, so I didn't get any pictures. :(

How did your week go?? Are you still teaching the deaf couple? That is so awesome!! I am so excited for them and what an opportunity for you. I see that it's been raining there a lot. Be careful and stay healthy!!! So when it's not raining, do you still get out to play some soccer (futbol)?

OH YEAH! How is your new companion??? Tell us all about him!

I'm sorry you don't have any extra cash right now. I will get you some next payday. Sorry. The Sidney house is still on track for June sometime. They will either have to close on it then or forfeit it back to us. The only problem with it coming back to us is that it will have to be put on the market again. I'm sure it will sell fast, but it still takes a couple of months to close and that would mean double house payments for us. OUCH!! So add the Sidney house to your prayers! :)

¡Ámele hijo!


Hey dad! I hope your foot is doing ok. It sure seems like you two will never change over this gout thing. Haha I bet those UNO Hockey games are fun. I wish we would have thought of that before! I am still teaching the deaf couple and their son. They are so wonderful. They had a baptismal date for this Saturday but it had to get pushed back until next Saturday because they couldn´t come to church yesterday. We play in rain. It don´t bother us nun´ =) We are playing futbol Americano today! WOOO! Haha I am stoked. My companion is awesome. His name is Elder Robles. Hes from mexico but lived in arizona for 8 years so he knows english! That's too bad about the sidney house. I will definitely keep it in my prayers. And don´t you worry about me. I am doing just fine. For clanks sake, I almost have a year in this country!!!! I know what I am doing and definitely get plenty of help. You guys just worry about the rest of you =) I sure love you dad. If there is one thing a mission does for us missionaries, It helps us realize how much we love and appreciate our parents.

I love you!
Love Elder Hackleman

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This Weeks Pictures from Honcupampa, Peru

Elder Hackleman at Honcupampa, Peru

I found pride rock.....just sayin

From Dad

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 8:35 AM,

Yesterday was Grant's birthday. He is officially a teenager!!! We missed having you at our little family party, but I would rather you give him the example of righteous service that you are giving!! I'm always so proud you work tiger!! You inspire your old man to do better!! We had fun with him. He is having an air soft war with some friends from school on Tuesday. He's so excited that he couldn't sleep last night.

My talk went really well. I think. You are not going to believe this either.... I didn't even sweat!!! Only the third time in my church life that I didn't sweat giving a talk!!!

How are things in Huaraz?? Have you been able to visit the village of indigenous people that speak a different language?

I forgot last week to tell you two sports things!

1. Brian Johnson left Utah and went to Mississippi State to become QB coach there.

2. LeBron scored 61 pts in one game last weekend!!!

Well, I just want you to know that everything is great at home. Seth told me yesterday that he hopes he goes Spanish speaking so that you and him can talk about things without us parents knowing what you're saying!!! He's such a knucklehead.

Please be safe and keep up the hard work!!!

¡Ámele hijo!


Haha Wish grant a late happy birthday for me! Sorry I am writing late. We went to this awesome place called Huacupampa. I was sick. I got tons of pictures. I can’t believe you didn´t sweat! I haven´t sweated in over a month since I have been in Huaraz. Crazy. So we have this awesome family of three that we are teaching. They are all going to be baptized in 2 weeks. The cool thing is that the parents are both def! My companion and I are learning sign language in spanish to be able to communicate. I will be technically trilingual when I get home if all goes well! Tomorrow is transfers and my companion is getting transferred already! We only have one transfer together! So we´ll see how that goes. He is pretty bummed though. I can´t believe Brian Johnson dropped like that! He dropped like lebron drops threes! Haha Love you dad!

Elder Hackleman

From Seth

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 10:43

Hey Jaren,

I miss you. I'm starting to work on my mission papers. I had an interview with bishop so I am working on all the forms and everything. Maybe I will get called to Peru and I'll get to see you. I love you.


That would be so awesome. I am praying for that every day. If not, you at least need to get called spanish speaking. I love you big guy. Someone’s 18th birthday is comin quick!!!!! =)

Elder Hackleman

From Nathan

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 10:42

Jar Bear,

Hi. I am officially a great basketball player. How are you doing? How is your new zone? You better be liking it, but if not it's all good I guess. Amen


Hey buddy! Now you just need to play for your school team you clanker. I love my new zone! Ámen!

Elder Hackleman

From Grant

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 10:39

Hey Jar, I'll bet you will never guess how old I am now. I got almost everything I wanted. Basically almost everything. I got 10,000 air soft b-bees. I got Doritos, Hershey, gummy worms, gummy bears, and a 15$ gift card from the Laws. I got safety glasses for my air soft war. Whistles, duct tape for the guns, balloons, a bunch of pallets, Ferrari toy model. I got headphones and targets for my air soft gun and 6 orange bandannas and 6 bandannas that are green. You are probably wondering what these are for. They are for the birthday party I am having on Tuesday. It is going to be awesome. We are going to use the pallets to make bases in our back yard and I am going to invite a bunch of people over to have an air soft war. Mom got me an airbrush paint kit, we are going to spray paint our bases. It's going to be fun. Seth is going to technically be our host and maybe even his friend Collin. I know you probably wish I would spend my money on something else, but I am using my birthday money to buy a new air-soft gun. That's basically it. I wish you could be here for the party.



You’re the best brother in the world.

Haha buddy, You have no Idea how unsurprised I am that you are going to use your money for that. That sounds like so much fun though! I wish I could be there. Shoot some of your buddys extra good for me! Love you big guy and FELÍZ CUMPLEAÑOS UN POCO TARDE!

Elder Hackleman

Your oldest brother in the world

Monday March 10, 2014

On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 10:31 AM,

Elder Hackleman,

This has been an eventful week. Grant had his 13th birthday yesterday. He has had a rough couple of weeks. I have gone back and forth trying to decide whether I would tell you about this. It's not that big of a deal, so I don't want you to get too fired up, but I will go ahead and tell you.

Last week he told us that there was a kid at school who has been bullying him. His name is Dane. Grant only has one class with him which is PE and they only have that class every other day. He also sees him during lunch time. Grant's group of friends at school are mostly the same kids he knew at Anderson Grove Elementary and his buddy Garret from church who is a grade ahead of him in school. Unfortunately, none of those kids are in his PE class with him. It has been going on for a while. The kid is always making fun of him and calling him gay. Grant just ignores him and moves on. Last week, he went into the boys’ bathroom during lunch to wash his hands and Dane was in there. He tried to pick a fight with Grant. Apparently he is rather tall, but very skinny. As you know Grant is not a fighter and he didn't know what to do. He was cornered and couldn't just walk away. Luckily another kid from their class came in the bathroom, distracted Dane and Grant was able to get out of there. Now he didn't know how to handle it.

We had many long discussions with him, but everything we tried to say just got Grant more upset. He didn't want to tell on Dane because he felt like he would only get made fun of more. Seth was at work so he wasn't involved in the conversation, but Nathan was so fired up I thought he was going to go straight to the school and take the poor kid out. Grant, Tim and I went grocery shopping at Walmart and as we were walking out a couple of kids were sitting by the door and had smiles on their faces as we walked by and sort of nodded to Grant. I didn't know what this Dane kid looked like, but I figured one of these kids must be him. I just about jumped on them and scratched their eyes out. I know I am one who over reacts, but it is my Grantie Bear we are talking about. When we got in the car Grant told me neither of these kids were Dane and one of them was his friend who he was thinking about inviting to his birthday party.

Grant told me that my over reaction was exactly why he didn't tell me stuff like this and he never planned on telling me again. This went into another long conversation, but to make it short, I told him he has to understand that I am a lot of talk and that is just what moms do, but I wasn't really going to scratch his eyes out.

After Seth got home from work, we told him all that had gone on and he had a good talk with Grant. When he talked to him, he didn't get all upset, he actually listened. It was like Nathan, Tim and I were chopped liver and Seth was the only one who made sense even though he was basically saying the same things we were, he was a lot calmer about it and he used his salesman abilities to really get through to Grant. He stood him up and taught him how to fight. He told him if the kid ever approaches him even one more time, don't wait, don't hesitate, don't even think about who is around, just punch him in the nose and break his nose. He told him not to ever let the kid victimize him again.

Anyway, that evening I was getting a lesson ready for church the next day and the first thing that popped up on was a video from the church having to do with Bullying. After watching it, I wasn't 100% sure if we gave him correct advice, but I do know that Grant has such tender feelings that he wears on his sleeve, that he can become a victim very easily. I didn't think he would really punch the kid in the nose, but if he at least thought in his own mind that he might, he would come across differently and maybe it would go away.

The other thing we decided was to plan a big air soft war birthday party. We made awesome invitations and last Monday Grant started passing them out to 12 of his closest friends at school. Since then everything at school has changed. So far, Dane hasn't said another word to Grant, and there are lots of kids buzzing around Grant all the time now.

We picked up a bunch of pallets and today we are going to build some barricades for the teams to hide behind. The party is tomorrow. The boys are out for spring break all week. We are going to have pizza and snacks and Seth is going to organize the games so they continue to be awesome and fun.

I really think the combination of Grant knowing how to fight, and having something to look forward to, really has turned things around for him.

We finally got Grant to agree that we could come and watch him play dodgeball on Wed. and so we could at least see what the kid looked like. Seth, Nathan and I went and watched him play. We never could figure out which kid was Dane, and by the time we got there, Grant changed his mind and he wouldn't tell us. Maybe it was for the best.

We did tell him about some of the run-ins you had while you were in high school. He was too young when they happened so he didn't know about them at all.

On another note, Grant has been getting straight "A's" at school. Academically he is doing the best he has ever done. He has always worked so hard and it is finally paying off for him. He was given an award at school that the principal gives to kids who he thinks are doing something right. The school randomly gives a plate of cookies to a kid of the week. Grant got the award in February. He also was invited into the National Jr. Honor Society and exactly one week ago today, we got the acceptance letter. He is in. We are so proud of him.

So, today we are building, building, building. It's going to be fun.

On another note, your buddy David Mattes was in a car accident last weekend. He was driving home from Sidney at 3 am and ran into a guard rail and totaled his truck. According to the news report he spent a few nights in the hospital and alcohol was involved.

Ok enough depressing stuff, on a much lighter note, Lauren Gull just got her mission call. She is going to Argentina and leaves in July. Good for her. Did I tell you Brenton Christian got his mission call to Venezuela. I guess Mitchell Shields is going somewhere spanish speaking as well. Good for them:)

Seth met with the bishop and officially started his paperwork for his mission. We still need to get him in for his physical, shots, and dentist visits so it will be a little while, but hopefully we can work on all that stuff this week. He is out of his brace now and his doctor said he would sign him off for service. It's pretty exciting!

I love you!

Love mom

Hey sorry I am writing late. We went on a cool trip today to a place called honcupampa. It was awesome. That is a huge bummer about grant. I know how he feels. As much as I wanted to be in school, I was never really a fighter either. Seth will help him out, and nathan too. They are good big brothers. I am so proud of him though! And I hope his party goes great! NJHS! WOOOO! haha That is cool for the sidney kids. I hope seth goes spanish speaking as well. It would be awesome. I sure miss you guys. My comp elder guzman is getting transferred tomorrow so I will have another new companion! It is really weird but I have thought about david alot the last couple weeks. I don't know why but still. Hm. Bummer deal. I love you mom!

Elder Hackleman

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Letters This Week

On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 11:58 PM, Amy wrote:

Elder Hackleman,

How are you today? What is new? We had a great Sunday. Tim and Becky blessed their baby today and your dad stood in the circle. That little guy is soooo cute!

This week has been a good one. I started a new blog two weeks ago. It is just random things, like recipes, diy projects, quotes, and anything else that might catch my eye. I am running ads on it. The idea is to someday make enough money to cover Seth’s mission costsJ In two weeks I have gotten over 1,000 views. Not too shabby.

It has been freezing cold here for the past couple of days. I am done going outside until spring ha ha.

I got a message from a friend of mine this morning. She was an exchange student who went to my high school. She lives in Sweden. I guess she met Tanner at church this morning. Pretty awesome!

Grant has been playing dodge-ball after school on Wed and Fridays. He sure loves it. Nathan told me today that he might go out for golf. We will see how it goes.

We are hoping to teach a missionary lesson here tomorrow. Our family has been helping the missionaries with a 15 year old investigator who never will commit to baptism. Seth and Nathan have helped teach him since October.

Well, I sure love you and can't wait until tomorrow when I get to hear from you:)



Hey mom! I sure miss the cold. I can´t complain because Huaraz is like perfect weather, but getting a snowball in the face can believe it or not, be missed at some point in a person´s life if they haven´t had the experience in a while. That sounds like a fun blog! If you make a little more, you can at least get to where you can pay for date night or something. Haha Speaking of Tanner. He sent me an email today. Apparently a missionary in his mission got hit by a car the other day and passed away. It doesn´t look to me like Tanner knew him to well, but he did know the missionary´s companion who is pretty shaken up as one can imagine. How sad....

That is awesome that grant is playing dodgeball haha. I hope he knows his big bro was champion in intramurals at SVU! Nathan better go out for golf!!!!! Has seth started his mission papers yet? I have been doing the math and if all goes well, he could receive his mission call around the time I call home for mother´s day! Keep that in mind =) I love you mom!

Elder Hackleman

You can´t tell in the picture but I am in front of the church and it is flooding with rain. I stepped out into the road and water went up above my ankles Crazy! 

This is grafitti of a Huarazino or Cholo

On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 9:07 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder,

We had a great week. It has been super cold here. It was 0 degrees when we left church yesterday! brrrrrrrrrrrr. But Thursday it's supposed to get up to 50! Your mom and I went to a UNO hockey game on Friday. I got tickets from work. It was a blast!!! Sam (our Mormon CEO) sat behind us with his wife and daughter. I should have introduced your mom, but I didn't :( Kicking myself for that one. Anyway, I have attached a photo!
UNO Hockey Game

How was your week? How have the lessons been going? I forgot to ask you if you are the "senior" companion. You have to let us know when you get put into leadership roles as well! Like District leader or Zone leader.

I'm speaking in Sacrament on Sunday. My topic is Lessons Learned from Captain Moroni! Should be fun. Lots of different ways you could go, but I think I'm going to focus on strategy and defenses.

I know your mom sent you a big letter so I'll keep mine short. Let us know what's been going on! You know how we love to hear about your work!

¡Ámele hijo!


Hey dad!!!! That looks like a blast! I can´t believe you didn´t introduce mom if you know him so well. That looks way cool though. Things are going great here. We have another baptism set for this week. Her name is Pilar. She has been progressing like wild fire until these last few days she started having some doubts. That always happens the week of a person´s baptism because Satan is very aware of what is going on. It will be fine though. Us missionaries are used to the fight against satan. I am senior companion yes. Really I´m not one to flaunt or even feel proud though if I ever get put in a leadership position. To be honest, I kind of hope I don´t. It’s a lot of worries and stress that are distracting from just being a missionary. But we´ll see. Haha Captain Moroni is a pretty awesome topic. When you are studying, read every single footnote and every reference there is, even if it seems off topic. You´ll be amazed what more you learn out of those verses. We are putting that into practice in our studies right now because that is what our mission president has been focusing on with us for a while. Love you dad!

Elder Hackleman