Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Resolution

The way to tell if you are on the right track to the Celestial Kingdom is by checking the road you are traveling.  Does your life's road lead you to the temple?  If not, you are not on the right road.   Baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the way to start down the path to eternal life, but it is just the beginning.  The destination cannot be achieved without the additional ordinances that can only be obtained in the temple of the Lord.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Photos from home

Nathan singing with the Omaha Symphony
Can you see him?

After putting up lights at Grandma's it's time for a break

Grandma's House

Thanksgiving Dinner

Yes, it's blurry, but we had to catch Nathan
In the act of helping with the cooking
For Thanksgiving

Grant and G-pa Roger at the football game

Surgery Day

Nathan and his friends

Storm Chasers Game

Merry Christmas From Peru

Merry Christmas to All

Some pics! this is called panetón.
It's a fruit cake basically. and I eat it. haha

On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder J Hackleman,

How are you doing today? What is this week like? Do you have a regular week with the exception of Christmas or is it different in some way.

Don't forget our skype account is: xxxx

What time would you like to skype? We are available any time you are.

We are pretty excited for Thursday. I can hardly wait to see you and Seth.

Well, the good news is, I got done with my school on Saturday and now I have two weeks off. It is a nice break. I got to A's! Ha.

I sure love you. I can't wait for Thursday!

Love Mom

Hey mom!!!! I am so excited to skype you too! My week will be the same except for when I skype home. Haha That´s awesome. I know Jake will get me hook ups. How about we skype at like 3 o´clock my time? is that ok? Woo!!! Mom get´s Christmas break too! Haha I love you!

Elder Hackleman

December 15 letters

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 9:33 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder J Hackleman,

How are you doing? Did you get your package? We had our ward party on Saturday. The theme was the Parable express. We had a musical number performed by the young men and young women. Nathan and Grant both participated. It was to the Hot Chocolate song from Polar Express. It was very cute. They even had props and actions. Then after church yesterday, Nathan had his December concert at the school. It was great.

I still keep thinking of the lesson I learned from Henry B Erring about writing in his journal every single day of his life specifically making a note of how he saw the work of Christ in his life that day. I sure hope you took my challenge and have been doing this. Especially when you are on your mission, I think it will be a blessing in your lives if you acknowledge and then recognize the work of the Lord.

So I guess Seth is pretty open for a time to skype, so if you just give us a time we will nail it down with him. I guess Grandma and Grandpa are going to Uncle Jeff's this year so you will only get to skype the immediate family.

Last Sunday Daniel was made bishop. He sure is the man for the job. He will do awesome.

Jake Kitchens friend-ed your dad and I on facebook so now I am friends with him and his mom. We will be able to coordinate his trip here easily now. We are sure looking forward to that.

Saturday night at the ward dinner, Erik Jacobs made some Peruvian salsa. I was so sad I didn't realize it until it was all gone already. His wife Julia told us he would make us some this week. I sure look forward to that. Jake has been posting Peruvian dishes on his facebook and they look delicious. You need to take pictures of your food whenever you can so we can get a better idea of what you eat:)

I sure love you!



Hey momma! I`m proud of Nathan. I guess if he chooses being the next famous thing in music instead of going to the NFL, he will still have a proud older brother. Haha That`s awesome for Seth. Your so funny mom. His cute face isn't going to get ruined any time soon if he keeps fighting like he is. Have you gone to watch? its pretty cool. haha. with Christmas I am really open. would you prefer calling in the morning or in the afternoon? That's awesome that Daniel was called as bishop. I will send him an email right now. I`ll take some pics of some foods for ya. have you talked to Jake's mom at all?? I love you!

Hey dad. First things first, Familia xxxxxxx came!!!!!!! They just have to go to church this Sunday and the Saturday following.....agua!!! haha we are super excited. yes I did get the package and no, I haven't opened it yet, I am exercising obedience as should be proud. haha sounds like a fun week! So are we just going to skype the immediate fam? I haven't done that once yet! What are the rules for Seth in his call?

Ventanilla is great! We are on track to break the mission`s record in baptisms for a single zone this month. I told you that right? woo! That is awesome that Utah is ranked so high! I don`t know where that came from but impressive! I will be home for March madness to watch them play. haha I am staying surprisingly focused. I thought I would start getting trunky this close to the end but we are working like crazy! All is well. Love you dad!

He Is The Gift

On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 9:28 AM, Amy wrote:Elder J. Hackleman,

Thank you for the pictures last week. Once I saw the pictures I realized I don't know anything about your companion and very little about where you live. Are you living in a members home? Do they have children?

Also, I would love some pictures of the streets and the town you live in.

What is the plan for Christmas? Where are you going to skype from and at what time?

So this past week has been a busy and crazy one. Daniel got made bishop yesterday, so that is pretty neat.

Grant is so funny. He wrote out a big long Christmas wish list. The items he -wants are hilarious.

I like the video the church puts out about the true meaning of Christmas.  Here is a copy of Grant's list:

Grant knows he is only getting a few items on the list.
He just wanted to make sure we knew we had options to pick from in all price ranges.

Grant forgot numbers 31-39 ha ha

Some of the items really crack us up.

He was shown the video about the true meaning of Christmas.
You are never too young to learn.

Uncle Daniel Got Called to Be Bishop

Your dad is back to work today. He is not 100% yet, but he felt he could get some things accomplished so he went. He went to church yesterday too. He's a tough cookie.

I sent a message to your buddy Elder Kitchens on Facebook and invited him to our house when you get home. We have chatted back and forth a bit. It's funny because he talks just like you. I think you are twins ha ha. He is excited to come for a visit.

Tim Law got offered a new job and if they can work it out they will be moving to Arkansas. It is still top secret, but it's making me crazy. It would be an awesome opportunity for them, but I will sure miss the family. I can't imagine life without Becky! Especially losing Kelsey and Becky all at once. Uggh!

So, what's happening in your neck of the woods?

I sure love you.

Love mom

Hey mom! Holy Hannah, That´s gotta be the best Christmas list Grant has made to date....That is hilarious. I love that kid. I hope he never grows up. Haha Didn´t I send you some pictures of my area? haha I will send some more and I will send some of where we live as well. We dont live with members. We live in a house of an old lady but are room is more like its own little house connected to hers because our door goes right outside and there is no connection from ours to hers, it just kinda runs together if that makes sense. Haha I will take picks. That one of my comps birthday was just at a members house that invited us over to eat a cake.

Jake (Kitchens, I am getting used to using his first name) told me you had gotten a hold of him. Good. Mom, pre earth life friends I am telling you. We´re sure you and dad have got to be long lost siblings of his parents because we are family somehow. Haha It would be so fun to have him there when I get home. Just saying, we could tell stories for hours. You guys have no idea =)

I´m glad dad is doing good. We are a pretty tough family. We´ve got something that runs in our blood. No pain no gain. How soon are tim and becky talking about moving if everything works out? That will sure be sad. I just got the best package from them. They are the best.

Everything here is going good. Just working like an animal. Its weird, you can work so hard, in pants, in heat that can´t be described, and still love life. Only the mission is capable of doing that to a person. =) I love you!

Elder Hackleman

Watching the Christmas Devotional


Hey Dad! My week was good. Satan is making his presence known but it’s nothing we can´t handle. My companion and I are pushing our zone hard in baptisms for this month. Haha We are going to have a lot of success. Familia xxxxx is doing good. They didn’t make it to church this week either so it looks like they are going to have to get baptized on the 27th. They are going through some pretty hard times, which really is good for us because it is a great opportunity to ask for miracles.

I´m glad your surgery went well. So what we have two recliners now??? haha We have some other families that we just started teaching this week so we will see how much they progress. The tree looks soo good! Shoot, I sure hope I am there next year with a special someone as well! haha If I have it my way, it’s a given. =) So here is the deal with skype. We are allowed only a 30 minute call. Let’s face it. I am coming home. Haha so I think Seth needs priority in the call. Coordinate with him and we can work it out with me. I would love to be able to skype at the same time as him but the calls are meant for mom so if we take time away from her by doing it together, we may have to figure something else out but my mission is calling 25th of December, Christmas day. So coordinate with Seth and just let me know. Love you dad!

Elder Hackleman

December 1st Letters

My Missionary Companion

My Companion's Birthday

Nathan at the Airforce/CSU Football Game in Colorado Springs

Nice picture of the back of Amy's Head
Beautiful Day for Football

 On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 9:45 AM, Amy wrote:

Elder J Hackleman,

Hello. We made it back from our trip. We had a great time. I know your dad sent some pictures. The day of the game the weather was fabulous. It has turned cold again. We are freezing now, but at least we aren't trying to go to an outdoor football game in this weather. I am cooking cinnamon rolls right now, to help warm up the house.

Karen came back with us so she can be here for Tim's surgery this afternoon. I'm sure all will go well. We decided it was time for your dad to get his hernia fixed once and for all.

We sure have been talking a lot about you and Seth with grandma. She talks about all the missionaries that come and visit her and grandpa all the time. She lets them give her a message. We stayed at the Marriott in Colorado Springs and Grandpa saw The Book of Mormon in the drawer and he said he was going to start reading it but the print was too small. When we got back to Ft Collins your dad worked on grandpa's computer re-sizing things so he could read on there. We told him he could download the Book of Mormon for free and read it in large print on his kindle or computer.

On a different note, how are you doing? I was thinking I don't know what your companion looks like. I am not sure if I have seen a picture of your current companion.

I sure love you!



Hey mom! Here is a pic of my companion. The one is of his birthday that was a few weeks ago. That is so awesome that grandma and grandpa are familiarizing themselves with the church. One thing´s for sure, nothing is impossible. We can always put our money on the book of mormon. If grandpa starts reading it consistently, it will change everything. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown SO much.

On another note, I forgot cinnamon rolls existed until just now, I miss them SOOOOO much! Put that on the ¨must eat when I get home¨ list. Haha I sent an email a little longer to dad about what is going on in the zone and everything. You will have to go read it. =) Your son is working hard down here. Well, both of them are, because both of them are ¨down¨ from where you are. =) haha I can´t believe we are already in December!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time is really starting to fly now...You need to get in touch with Jake Kitchens, He was my trainer that I always talk about. I want him to make it out to Omaha when I get home so that he can meet you guys. I love you!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 7:36 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder J Hackleman,

How was your week? I know I start off with that every single time, but you wouldn't believe how excited your mom and I get on Mondays!! We truly love hearing about your work. We had a wonderful visit with Grandma and Grandpa for Thanksgiving. It was really nice. Wednesday night we went to the CSU vs. Wyoming volleyball game. CSU won the Mountain West Conference Championship that night. Then we had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving. On Friday, we went to Colorado Springs too watch the football team play Air Force. The Falcons won with a last second field goal. It was a great game even though CSU lost. Then we went out to dinner and spent the night there and went back to Ft. Collins on Saturday. Finally we came home last night. Grandma rode home with us so that she could be here for my surgery this morning.

We have been so blessed! Tell us about your week! How is familia Palomina doing? Are you teaching anyone else? How is the Zone doing? How is your companion doing? What was the name of your area again? Are there a lot of stray dogs there? Seth says that they are everywhere in Veracruz but they are all tame. I forgot. What do you do for meals there? You just have to get me back up to speed. I know you told me a lot of this stuff already. Speaking of Seth. Do you hear from him every week? I know we don't get his emails until Monday even so you probably get them a week behind. I know I asked a lot of questions! :)

I'll tell you how the surgery goes in my next email!

I am so proud of you son. Keep working hard. The Lord has blessed you and your family with tremendous blessings because of your faithfulness.

¡Ámele hijo!


Hey Dad! This week has been a roller coaster, but an awesome one just like always, our zone is making ground breaking moves, we are on track to break the record for the most baptisms in a single month in the history of this mission. My companion and I are pushing them hard =) I am so proud of our missionaries though. President Archibald is going to be a general authority I know it. We are making big strides. 

I have a pension for lunch and my companion and I are on our own for breakfast and dinner. Familia xxxxxx is doing great. They didn't make it to church yesterday but we have a family home evening tonight with them and we will get things set straight. =) We have whats called a noche blanca which is White Night in English. haha the 20 of December, we as a zone are going to have around 20 baptisms! In one night! And familia xxxxx is going to be part of it as well so we are stoked. We have some others that are awesome that we are teaching that we plan on getting in the water this month as well. All in all. Miracle month. =) My zone´s name is Ventanilla and my area´s name is Los Alamos.
I do talk to Seth almost every week so that's good. It sounds like he is doing awesome. =) The kid already knows Spanish like a champ. I knew he would pick it up quick. Well Sure love you dad! Looks like you guys had a fun thanksgiving week. I forgot all about it.....haha Love you!

Elder Hackleman

Koty is Home Nov. 25, 2014

On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 2:47 PM, Amy wrote:

Here is a picture of Koty taken a few minutes ago. He is holding Kimber's baby that was born yesterday.

From Elder Hackleman,
Holy Cow!!!!!!! That is awesome!

Koty, just minutes after getting off the plane got to hold his new niece that was born the day before.

Are you OK? No email this week

On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 10:55 PM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

I think there has only been two weeks in your mission that I haven't heard from you, so of course I am wondering if everything is ok? We heard there was an earthquake in Peru. Maybe you lost power. We never heard if you got transferred. HMM. I love you.

Tues, Nov 25, 2014

Nope. I didnt get transferred. I think I might finish my mission in this area. We will see. Haha I just had a zone leader meeting yesterday =)

Letters November 24th 2014

On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 3:17 PM, Amy wrote:

Kimber had her baby last night. Also, Koty gets off his mission on Tuesday.

Kimber's baby

Seattle Seahawks Sign FB Stanley Havili to Practice Squad

On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 10:57 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder J. Hackleman,

How in the world are you? We had a good week even though it is cold around here. We went to another hockey game Friday night. It sure was fun. It was just your dad, Nathan Grant and I. Once again we had a suit so we felt very pampered :)

So I guess Stanley got cut from his football team because of his shoulder injury. He did get picked up by another team however. He is now with the Seahawks. I guess we need to root for the hawks now ha ha.

We are gearing up for heading to Fort Collins on Wed. We are renting a van to make the drive. The weather looks like it is going to cooperate so that is good.

Roger got us volleyball tickets for Wed evening at CSU. I guess they are ranked 12th in the nation right now so it should be a great match. I am excited.

Your dad's online class he is teaching officially starts today. That is pretty fun. I will be doing my homework at night while he is grading other peoples homework. It's sort of ironic.

As I was studying my lesson last week, I was watching a video of a talk given by Henry B. Eyring and I realized it not only applied to me, but it also applied to you as a missionary. So on that note, I have a challenge for you. Here are some quotes from the talk:

Choose this day, Henry B Eyring

1. Choose to serve the Lord this day.

2. If you choose to serve you will feel his love and grow to love him more.

So the challenge I have for you is this:

Write down a few things that happen every day.

Never miss a day no matter how tired you are.

Ponder this question? Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us today?

Then, return and report:)

I sure love you! Hope all is well with you.

Love Mom

Hey mom! Sorry. Yesterday, we had a leadership training with president so we didn´t get our pday until today. That sounds like it will be a fun colorado trip! I hope the weather stays safe. I will take your challenge =) I don´t have a lot of time. Got tons of stuff to do. Haha I sure love you!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Many of My Mission Friends are Going Home Today

This is Elder Kitchens.  He is my best friend from the Pre-Mortal Life

Elder Naulu from Spanish Fork

Hermana Morgan from Temecula, California

Elder Slavens from Blanding Utah

 Hermana Jones from Joplin Missouri =)

This is our Midwest Pride Picture

On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 8:34 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder J Hackleman,

How are you doing today? We had a great weekend. We got a new stake presidency on Sunday. We had 2 members of the 70 here to make the changes. One of them was Joel's old stake president from Twin Falls. Our stake young men’s president was called as the new stake president. He is awesome and loved by all. It will be great. Nathan and I sang in the stake choir then we rushed out the door because Nathan was also singing with his school choir along with 6 other high schools from the area and the Omaha Symphony. They performed Andrew Loyd Webber's Requiem. It was so unbelievably good. The Maestro even talked about Nathan's choir teacher, and started to cry because he is so touched by her. She is retiring this year. Luckily you will be home in time to see the end of the year concert. I'm sure it will be spectacular!

Nathan started show choir practice the first of November. I am looking forward to his first performance for show choir. He is loving it. He and Grant are also excited to start practicing for church basketball. Tim Law is going to be their coach again this year. The games start in January but they will start practice any time now.

I sent you a little Christmas box in the mail on Friday. I sure hope it makes it to you. I packaged it with pictures of Virgin Mary and Crosses all over it and put tags saying it is full of toothbrushes and toothpaste for the Mission. Hopefully it will make it in one piece. There is also a little something for your companion in there too. If it arrives, do not open the box until Christmas morning. The items inside the box are not wrapped.

We are getting excited to go to Fort Collins for Thanksgiving. I think I told you before we are going to a CSU volleyball game as well as a CSU football game at the Air-force academy. We have snow now and the past couple of weeks have been record breaking cold so I'm not so sure the football game is going to be fun in such weather, but we will bundle up the best we can.

Your dad had a good interview on Friday with Midlands. He doesn't know for sure that he got that job, but the interview went well.

How is the missionary work going?

I love to hear your stories!

Guess who got home from their mission on Friday? Ryan Shields.



Hey Mom! This week was a wild one. Today we have transfers. I am pretty sure my companion and I are staying but we will see in a few. This good thing about being zone leader is that we are the first ones to know transfers. Haha I am not sure I will be able to keep it closed until Christmas, we´ll see. Haha I miss the cold weather. Take advantage of it. haha That will be awesome to go to the CSU game though, apparently they are playing super well right now, according to grandma.

Here are some pics of some of my best friends from the mission that are all going home today. Elder Naulu from spanish fork, Elder Slavens from Blanding Utah, Elder Kitchens my best friend from the pre-earth life who´s from Ogden, Hermana Morgan from Temecula California and Hermana Jones from Joplin Missouri =) (on the next email).

My companion and I took baptismal dates out with familia __________! They are sooooo awesome. It has been such a spiritual experience teaching them. They are going to get baptized on the 20th of December. I sure love you!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 9:26 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder,

How was last week?? I have been praying for familia ________! I hope all is going well with them. We had a wonderful Stake conference. We had Elder Nielson of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Payne, an Area Authority Seventy. Our new Stake President is Pres. Derrick. He was the Stake Young Men's President for the past few years. You're going to love him. Seth was one of his favorite young men in the entire Stake. Anyway, Stake Priesthood Leadership was awesome!! One of the best I have ever been to! One of the overall themes for the whole conference was "Hastening the Work".

Here's a couple of things that I think would be revelatory for you and your companion (and your Zone for that matter!) - Draw a comparison between "Hastening the Work" and the "Woman taken in Adultery"

Here's another one! This one is about wayward family members compared to lost quorum or ward members...

Study Luke 15:4-5 and 8-9, the "Lost Sheep" and the "Lost Piece of Silver" really think about verse 5. Then read the parable of the Prodigal Son in verses 11-end of Chapter 15.

What's the contrast between the first two parables and the prodigal son parable?

Anyway, I am so proud of you! Every time missionary work was spoken about, all my thoughts turned to my sons. Are you doing well? I have complete faith, and I am serious about "complete", that you are in the hands of the Lord. You have the ability to accomplish his work no matter what. Just remember when there's a challenge, He'll provide the right opportunity at the right time!

So, here's some more worldly news!

Utah beat Stanford in double overtime! We seriously need a QB. Utah is now ranked 20th. I think we could have seriously played in the PAC12 Championship if we had a decent QB. Papio South lost to Creighton Prep in the State semi-finals. But then get this!!! The coach for Creighton Prep resigned for personal reasons over the weekend and won't be on the sidelines for the State Championship!!! Who does that???? The online class that I'm teaching starts on the 24th! And I had a second interview with Midland University on Friday that went really well. I think I may have that one too! It was with the Vice President of Academic Affairs. When he found out that I was from Utah, he told me about an interview he had at Utah Valley University in Orem. He said that he interviewed with Matt Holland and Asked, "Do you know Matt? I guess his family is pretty big in Utah. His dad is Jeff Holland." I almost fell out of my seat. He didn't realize that he was talking about an Apostle of the Lord.

Anyway, Tell me all about your week and what's happening!!!!!

¡Ámele hijo!


Haha! Ok sorry that is so funny about your interview. I am laughing out loud right now. I wrote down all you said to check in the scriptures so I will read it later. =) Mom told me about stake conference. That is awesome. He will be the guy releasing me! Haha My trainer Elder Kitchens ends today. His parents came to pick him up. They are going to machu picchu and all that. I can’t believe he is done. He is my bro from since before I can remember. For real. haha I can’t believe Creighton Prep, Sounds like a Pete Caroll from USC to the Seahawlks type situation.... I sure love you dad. Keep praying for Familia _______, they are going to get baptized on the 20th of December.

Elder Hackleman

Letters to and from our Missionary 11/11/1914

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 10:26 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder,

How was your week? Just as crazy as ever? Do you get a chance to go out teach much? One thing that I have been curious about, but have always forgotten to ask you is, how is your knee? Have you had any problems with it since you've been out

How is your companion doing? What adventures are you having?

We are all doing well up here! I have an appointment with a surgeon this week. I don't know if you remember when I had my belly-button hernia repaired back in Sidney? I think I am going to need it repaired again. Also, I will be teaching a "Fundamentals of Print Design" class for Bellevue University. It's an online course that starts November 24th! Because it's online that means I can set my own hours and do the work at night a couple times a week. I'm excited and a wee bit nervous too! Also, Midland University called and said that they have a class for me as well. That one probably won't start until after the first of the year. I'm really excited about that one because it's one that I will actually have to go into a classroom and teach.

We're all excited for Stake Conference next week. We're getting a new Stake President. I think I told you that. Your mom and Nathan are singing in the choir. They are having fun doing that. Speaking of music!!! Are you still playing the piano??? I always loved to hear you play the piano. Reason #738 why I can't wait for you to get home. :) Don't worry about what's going to happen as far as school goes. We'll research everything we can so that you have a lot of options to consider. Focus on saving just one more soul each month while you're there.

Anyway, I love you so much tiger! Please be safe and always heed the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

¡Ámele hijo!


Hey Dad! Yeah this week was pretty crazy. haha Wednesday, we had our monthly leadership meeting with all the zone leaders, the assistants, and President Archibald. I love those meetings. It is so awesome but they are physically draining. Haha Then this Saturday and Sunday, we had stake conference here in Ventanilla. It was awesome. President and Sister Archibald came, the temple president of Lima, and a member of the 70, Elder Costa. Wow. It was great.

Yeah my companion and I still teach, not as much but we still do. Yesterday we found a family of 4 that we are sure we are going to baptize so we are super excited about that. Familia _________. Keep them in your prayers please! =) My knees are just like they´ve been my whole life. I don’t pay attention to them. That stinks that you have to have surgery. I hope everything goes ok. That is awesome that you will be teaching those classes! Do you have any idea what exactly you are going to teach or not yet? Hey you can finish the basement with all that extra cash you will be making so that when I get home, we can have march madness parties in the man cave!!!:...haha just a thought =p Do you know if an apostle will go to stake conference to call the new stake president? That would be sweet.

I play piano every once in awhile. haha 738 reasons huh? I am excited too. It is helping me to work harder though because I know it’s my only chance to make a difference. I hit 19 months today!!!! Yikes. Haha Love you dad!

Elder Hackleman

On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 11:51 PM, Amy wrote:

Elder J. Hackleman,

How is my oldest doing today? We are doing good. I have been working doing Insurance audits all week and will be doing them again for a few more days so this past week was a little crazy, but things will get back to normal by Wed. or so.

The weather is supposed to really cool down this week. I guess I am not quite ready for winter yet, but it's coming whether I like it or not. There is a phrase from the movie, "Frozen" that goes, "The cold never bothered me anyway." I made a poster with those words, then at the end, I said, "Just kidding, I hate the cold" ha ha.

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway
Just Kidding
I Hate Winter

Tim Law just got back from China. We are going out to dinner with them on Friday so he can tell us all the crazy stories that happened to him while he was gone. I guess he has quite a few.

So we had ________ over for dinner today. They taught a lesson last week but Grant was gone to a meeting so he wasn't here. They asked Nathan if he would teach the same lesson this week only teach it to Grant so he could see if he learned from what they taught last week. This all sounds well and good, but while it was all going down, there was one thing I kept thinking about that I knew I wanted to write to you about when it comes to missionary work. This is something that has bothered me over the years about a lot of the people and sometimes even among the missionaries. I hope you can learn from it, as far as what not to do. Maybe even help other missionaries you are around to help them learn as well.

A lot of the time people will be joking around and having fun with the boys, and it gets a little bit out of hand. They can be rather rude and eventually take it too far. The theme tonight seemed to be, make fun of Grant night and make him feel dumb for not saying the right things, or in the right way. I finally put my foot down and stepped in. I think it is never appropriate to say comments about someone that are derogatory, even if you think you are doing it in fun. It was not fun for me to hear it and it certainly was not fun for Grant. He tried to laugh along and go along like it didn't bother him, but believe me, it did.

I think it is going to be a while before we have them over again. They are fun people, who just say enough rude things to rub me the wrong way.

I know you are never one to say rude things, but sometimes I think other missionaries need to be called out on it, or at least have the discussion brought up to them. Just a thought.

I sure love you! I would love some more pictures of your area. I know I am a broken record. I just don't have a visual of what your area is like. Besides you are so darn handsome, I love to see you as much as I can:)

Love mom

Hey mom!!!!

That is a bummer about your visitors. I think sometimes some people let their egos go to their heads, even if we don’t want it to or don’t even realize it. I have always tried to be conscious of how I treat people but I definitely see problems with it here as well with some of the missionaries. Grant is a tough kid though so that’s good. =)

I hit 19 months today! I can’t even believe it. My comp and I are teaching a fantastic family of four. We found them just yesterday but it was easily one of the most powerful first lessons I have been in. Keep them in your prayers please. Familia _______________.

I will take some pictures today.


Elder Hackleman

Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter's this week

Dear J Hackleman,

So things around here are good. I am working this week doing chart reviews. I did go to your doctors office and have my toe x-rayed. I was not surprised to find out it is broken. I also was not surprised to find out it broke all the way through. I have been saying that all along as well. Anyway, it is starting to heal itself back and it's healing straight so now I just have to let it have time to keep taking care of itself. The doctor said it is taking so long because it was completely broken off, but the good news is, it is on it's going in the right direction. She said it might still take 2 to 3 months before it is completely healed.

We are getting a new stake president at stake conference in 2 weeks. They announced it at church today. Nathan and I are singing in the stake choir.

I went with Becky trick or treating. The kids were so cute. I will send pictures when I can.

Nathan and Grant went to a Halloween party. They watched some scary movie.

Tim went to the Titan Football game.

Yesterday Nathan worked out at the fields. They had a softball tournament. He worked from 9 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. It was a long day and it was so cold outside. He went in shorts and a light jacket. I tried to talk him into wearing warmer clothes and taking a lunch but he wouldn't do either. About an hour after I dropped him off he texted and asked me to bring him a bunch of warm clothes because he was freezing. It was only 40 degrees. I went ahead and through in a lunch as well and headed back out to the field. After he got home he even admitted the lunch saved his bacon. Love that kid. Sometimes moms really do know best.

I'm still plugging along in school. It has really been a fun quarter.

I sure love you.


Hey mom! I just remembered that someones birthday is coming up????....Happy Early Birthday momma! What are you going to do? That is so funny. Nathan hasn´t changed a bit. Haha When you say Tim when to a Titan football game do you mean Tim law, or dad, or both? I know how you feel with the toe. those buggers are just a pain.....get it? PAIN? haha I haven't lost my sense of humor just so you know. Haha Love you mom!

Elder Hackleman

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ventanilla, Peru

Ventanilla, Peru

Elder Roco is one of my best friends in the whole mission.He was my district leader when I was in Huaraz.
He is ending his mission this transfer.

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 8:54 AM, Amy wrote:

Elder J Hackleman,

Another week has flown by. Last week I was traveling back from Idaho on Monday. It was a long drive, but the weather cooperated so there were no problems along the way.

We are gearing up for Halloween. Nathan is having a Halloween party at our house. He is considering having a Twilight Marathon with all his friends. It should be interesting.

What is your new area like and your new companion? I would love some pictures:) What is your address? We were thinking of google mapping again. It's fun to see the area you are serving via google earth.

So your uncle's are wondering if you would consider ISU for college. I never really knew what your opinion about ISU was or is?

Do you know what day you come home? I know you said it was in March but do you know the day? Not urgent, just curious.

I love you so much. I can't wait to hear from you:) Monday's are my favorite day!

Love Mom

Hey momma!!!! our address is xxxxxx. I hope you can find it. The city is called Ventanilla. We are right around the corner from the church building! I would love to play football again.

I do know what day I go home. It is March 23 If I’m not mistaken. My companions name is Elder Quezada. He is from El Salvador. He is awesome. I don’t have picturess of him yet. Haha it was kind of a crazy week this week. We had tons of different trainings with president. The missionary I am with in the second picture is Elder Roco. He is one of my best friends in the whole mission. He was my district leader when I was in Huaraz. He is ending his mission this transfer. Him, Elder Kitchens, (My best friend on earth), Elder Crozier, (The missionary that knows Josh Woodbury) Elder Acero, (My second companion in the mission after Elder Kitchens) and others. I will be losing a lot of brothers this transfer. Anyway, the pictures are a few of my area so you can get a feel for it. Haha love you!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 9:24 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder,

How was your week last week? I'm getting the feeling that you're a little stressed out. What can your Dad do for you? I know you are working hard and busier than ever with the work of the Lord. That's good! Probably a little stressed out because you feel time is slipping through your fingers. That's okay too. That means your heart is where it needs to be. You're probably even starting to allow thoughts about what's next creep into your mind. That's where mommy and daddy come in. As time goes by and you ponder the things that you want to do when you get home, like school, etc., let us know! We can get a jump start on things while you are finishing up your labors in the field. We can send in college applications, scholarship applications or whatever you need! That's my little pep talk to my eldest son!

Okay, so Utah pulled out a squeaker against USC at home. Blackout game!

University of Utah
Blackout Uniform 2014

I attached a photo of Utah's sick black uniforms! Anyway, they ended up winning 24-21. It should have been much worse. We reached the 2-yard line twice and turned it over both times!!! We got there a third time and had to settle for a field goal!! They moved up to #18 in the polls. Here's one for you! Colorado State could win the Mountain West conference!

We're going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving. Gpa is getting us tickets to the CSU vs. Air Force game in Colorado Springs. That should be a fun game. Your mom is doing great in school. She's my woman. Have you been hearing from Seth? I hope so! Apparently, he has to have his hair longer!!! He says that there has to be a line, or part, in it so he has to keep the top longer. He's so funny. Well enough of me rambling on! What's happening in Ventanilla? How's the food there compared to the other places you've been? Also, what are your living arrangements there? Apartment, house? Do you have a pensionist?

Do you ever hear from Seth? I guess Mexico is infested with tarantulas. He's loving it!! Not the tarantulas!

I am so proud of you son!!

¡Te amo hijo!!


Dear Dad,

haha yea he writes me. I love that kid. He said hasn’t been rejected once! Everyone wants to hear him!!!! I am proud of him......that is not the case where I am afraid....haha

Hey dad!!!! You read my mind. It has been a stressful week. I don´t have time to breath. The last six months of a mission are craziness. I do think a lot about where I am going to college. Just thinking about it, I am thinking between ISU and the U. Dad, I really want to go to the U. I would go to ISU if I could play football there though. Could you and mom start going crazy on college applications and scholarships for those two schools? GOOO UTES!!!! That is so sick. Their helmets are awesome!!!!! I can’t believe CSU though! Where did that come from? Are they ranked?

Ventanilla is great. We are finding a lot of new people to teach. I have a pensionist who is a fantastic cook so the food is great.

I am in a room that is part of a house but it has its own entry and everything apart so it feels like it’s own separate house. I gave mom the address for it so you can google earth it. It’s right around the corner from the church so that is nice. I sure love you dad! How are your college classes coming along?

Elder Hackleman

Letters Oct 19

On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 10:44 PM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder J Hackleman,

How is my oldest son who is now a zone leader doing? We got an email from your mission president with an awesome letter telling how impressed they are with you and your capabilities. I know that you got transferred, but I don't know anything else. One of your buddies's mom tagged you in a picture on facebook. I added it to your mission blog even though I don't know the details of the picture.

This week has been an exciting one since I have spent it in Idaho running all over from one sibling to the next. I saw Chelsey on Friday. It was so good to see her. I didn't get to talk to her very long. We met at Golden Corral, but ironically she pulled up at the exact same time Macey and her fiancé, so I was trying to talk to everyone at once. We ate dinner together at Golden Corral. Chelsey had to get on the road because she was driving all the way back to Saint George that same day.

Christie, mom and I went and saw the movie put out by the church called "Meet the Mormons." It was great.

I went to school in Idaho Falls, for my BYU-Idaho class. I also went to an Idaho State football game. They were playing SUU. That is where your buddy Josh is going to school I think. I checked the roster in case he was playing football. He wasn't.

It was so much fun.

Today we went to Aberdeen because Kristen lives there now and she had her baby blessed. It was fun to see people from the ward I grew up in.

Today is Sunday evening. I am going to be driving back to Omaha tomorrow so I am emailing you today. I may or may not have reception along the way.

I can't wait to hear about the details of your transfer etc.

I sure love you!

Love Mom

Hey Mom! Yeah I was called as zone leader. haha How is the beck family! I hope you sent my love to everyone. Did Chelsey eat dinner with the whole family then? How did that go? How is Macey doing?  Tell me about it!

I did hear about that movie. I bet it was awesome. did you go to a class while you were in Idaho falls or what? I thought it was just online? What are Joel Jared Daniel and the rest of the family up to? I sure love you!

Elder Hackleman

Dear Elder!

You crazy man! You neglected to tell your parents that you were called to be Zone Leader! We heard it through a very nice letter from Pres. Archibald and his wife. I know this means a lot more administrative work and a little less teaching, but the Lord's system of managing His work is superior to the world's. The skills that you have learned and will now learn will help you to become a great manager in whatever career you choose. No matter what it is. Managing people, time, resources or materials you'll draw on this experience the rest of your life and it will put you far ahead of others. And the best part right now is that you can help to save souls at the same time!!!

The Utes went up to Oregon State and won in overtime. They better get their offensive heads on straight because USC is coming to Rice Eccles next weekend!

Everything here is going great! I have been hired at Bellevue University to teach Graphic Design classes. Two things about it. First, classes (for me) won't start until January. Second, they may not start at all. I'm only teaching a class if the class needs dividing. So if there are too many students in one class, they'll split it and I'll take one. It's all taught online so I can work whenever is best for my schedule. The other one that I'm waiting to hear about is Midland University in Fremont about 45 minutes away. They will probably have classes that I will actually need to be present in. That will be a lot fun as well! So, in the grand scheme of things, it's not that much money. It would be around $1,000 to $1,200 a class. Plenty to pay for my two awesome missionaries... and spoil your mom a little more!!! I should hear something about Midland in a week or so.

I think Seth is doing great. He said he got sick one day. I have to find out more about that. He also said that they did a service project and cleaned out a house that was full of dead Tarantula's!!!! Can you imagine your brother surrounded by spiders!!! Apparently there is a lizard living in his room that he named Rico. I say take care of it! It will keep the spiders down!!! Your mom is on her way home. I can't wait to see her! We had High Priest's Quorum meeting last night. I got to chat a little bit with Bishop Walker. He's doing great and was wondering how you were doing. Tim Law is in China right now. I wonder what crazy thing he's going to come home with!!

I am so proud of you! Keep working hard and tell us all about your new Comp and exciting news from your work!

I love you son!!


Hey dad! Yeah I didn´t tell you about zone leader. It isn´t anything major. Just another opportunity to serve in different ways. My zone is the biggest zone in the mission. Its called Ventanilla. We have 29 missionaries and next transfer we will get 2 more because we are going to open another area. We also have the highest number of baptisms as a zone almost every month. The church is really strong here. It is nice to work with people who are so strong. It helps us out so much. I am so proud of Seth! He already had a baptism! I bet he is loving the food too. Haha

Well that should be fun teaching! You will be alot busier haha. What is your calling in the church right now? I forgot. I love you dad.

Elder Hackleman

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jesus Our Exemplar

As we look to Jesus as our Exemplar, and as we follow in His footsteps, we can return safely to Our Heeavenly Father, President Thomas S. Monson

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letters This Week

Yesterday's email from Elder Hackleman was two sentences long. This morning I got an email from his mission president, so now I know why Elder Hackleman's email was so short. He got transferred and called to be Zone Leader. He will be even more busy now.

Dear Elder J Hackleman,

How are you doing? What's new this week? What did you think about conference?

I am in Idaho right now. I had a friend from the ward who was coming to Idaho on a week long trip so I jumped in for the ride. I got here late Saturday evening.

Yesterday I went to church with Troy and Christie in Blackfoot then we went to Grandma Polly's house. Her sister Luanne and Loa were both there so we had a good visit with them, then we went to Joel's and visited with them and then on to Daniel's and back to Christie's. Today I hope to catch up with Jared and Jeremy. It's a fun time, but I still have to get my homework done somehow, so I am up at 5:00 a.m. working on it.

I might not be getting a lot of sleep, but it sure is fun.

I sure love you!



Elder Jeffrey Hackleman

Hey mom! I can’t believe you! Haha Chelsey wrote me and said she was going to be in Pocatello! She has to get her knee checked out I guess. I got transferred!

Love Elder Hackleman

Thursday, October 2, 2014

No General Conference This Week In Peru

In Peru this week there are Political Elections. Because of this no one can go to church this weekend.
They will have to participate in Conference a week behind the rest of us.
This is the Law in Peru:
Political gatherings are forbidden, while public gatherings of any sort are prohibited during voting hours, including religious liturgies and entertainment shows. Clergy of any religion can not participate in their distinctive garments or habits.

On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 9:56 AM, Amy wrote:

Elder J Hackleman,

I can't believe today is actually here. Seth flies out to Mexico. I am patiently waiting for his phone call from the airport. Ok, maybe that isn't true. Patient might not be the correct word for it, but I am excited!

Grandma Karen and Grandpa Roger on on their way to the house right now. They are hoping to get here before he calls. They left yesterday driving this way and got as far as Kearney and then spent the night.

Grant played Westside in football on Thursday. It was on the same field your dad used to play on when he was in Jr. High. Unfortunately they lost. It's his first loss of the year. Grant had a good game though and he wasn't too sad. 

Grant is in blue playing center.
This is the same field Tim played football on when he went to Westside

Tuesday Grant had his last game. It was raining hard, but luckily they got to play at the high school on the turf.

The weather here is still a little warm, but actually pretty nice. It rains every couple of days so the grass is still green. I love this time of year.

Grandma just called me and she just left Kearney. Seth is supposed to be calling in the next half hour. I'm not sure she is going to make it in time. If he has time I will see if he can call her real quick.

So where will you be watching general conference? I’ll bet you are getting excited for that.

I sure love you!

Love Mom

Hey mom! I wish I could see Seth´s long hair. That is killing me. I can’t believe he is flying out already! That is awesome that grant played on the same field as dad even though he lost, no one else will be able to say that in our family. We are going to have transfers next week so this time next week I should know if I am staying or going. SHeesh, Time is flying by so fast. I can´t believe it. It is starting to scare me a little bit to be honest.

We will not be able to watch conference until next week because they are going to have their political elections this weekend and it is a law here that no public building is allowed to be opened, They are forced by law to vote. Haha so we have to wait to watch it at the church next week because we aren’t allowed to have any form of church service Saturday or Sunday.

I love you!

Elder J Hackleman