Monday, February 23, 2015

Wrong is Never Right

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 8:48 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

What was your week like? I would love it if you could get some more pictures of the scenery of Peru.

Nathan has an appointment today to get his wisdom teeth holes checked. He is having a rough go at it. I think he has infection. His cheek is bruised on the outside. He looks like he's been in a boxing match. Hopefully he will turn the corner this week. He ended up only going to school on Friday last week. He did go to the show choir competition this weekend. His choir took second place. They really did a great job. It was so fun to watch.

Grant had his last church basketball game on Saturday. He really stepped up. Nathan and Adam weren't there so Grant had big shoes to fill. As I was watching the game I kept thinking, who is that getting all the rebounds, boxing out, and controlling the pace and then I would realize it was Grant. I can't believe two months ago he told us he wasn't going to play church ball because he wasn't good enough. I made him and Nathan go to the church and practice dribbling, shooting, bounce passes, and drills. I did a drill that he would run toward the basket and I would throw the ball from the 3 point line with him on the run. He would then need to grab the ball, take one bounce and make a layup. I made him and Nathan practice this over and over from all different angles. He would get so mad at me and couldn't figure out what good it was doing. Many days we left the gym with Grant not even talking to me he was so mad. Well, it really paid off because during the games he would recognize fast break opportunities all the time and feed in some great passes. His game play and coordination really have come so far in a short amount of time. Before Nathan had show choir on Saturdays the two of them were unstoppable. They both could pass and receive fast break moves to the board with ease.

I was the lead teacher this week at my Pathway gathering. It turned out fine. It wasn't as comfortable as teaching seminary, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be either. I of course started with an object lesson because that is how I roll ha ha.

Your dad is in the thick of things with his classes. He is doing such a great job.

The bishop has asked that you speak the first Sunday after you get home:)

I sure love you! I hope we get your flight information soon.

Love Mom

Hey mom! It is so funny to read your letter when you talk about basketball. I have come to realize that I failed you and dad cuz I never even gave basketball a shot and you guys both played. Oh well. Haha I will get some pictures of everything I can this week. I will tell you what. I am pushing myself so hard to end. I am leaving Perú Monday night at like 11 at night so you will expect me Tuesday in the afternoon. I sure love you mom! I can’t wait for you to meet Jake. You are gonna love him.


Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 8:37 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder!

How was your week? Have you been able to teach any families? How has church been going? I've been meaning to ask you if you're still playing the piano?

We had a great Sunday yesterday. We had some wonderful talks in Sacrament meeting about the difference between home teaching and ministering. How ministering is way more in depth than just visiting. Also, about how you have to be in tune with the Spirit in order to know when and how to minister. Then we had a lesson in Gospel Doctrine about Christ's miracles. It was a great Sunday all the way around.

I hope you have the best P-Day ever today!!

I know this is short, but I know you are super busy. Just tell us what's happening and maybe send some pictures!!! ;)

Te amo hijo.


Hey dad! I have had more spiritual experience these last few weeks than in all of my mission. I can´t even begin to explain them, but I got them down in the journal so don’t worry, you guys will hear all about them in....a few short weeks! Can you believe it?? I do play piano once in a while.

Love Elder Hackleman

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