Friday, February 28, 2014

Facebook Photo

This was posted on facebook today.  I recognize the vests as the day the missionaries and LDS Church members cleaned the beach in Lima, Peru.  Elder Hackleman and his companion found a little cove to eat their lunch.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Tayson Got Married 2-22-2014

Yeah Tayson!

Best Friend Goes Home Jan 27, 2014

Well it’s official. I dropped my companion Elder Ramos off at the offices today. I don´t know about transfers if I am leaving yet. I should know within the next half hour or so. And yea I haven´t sent pics in a while because everyone and their dog has been wanting to take pictures with us these last few weeks and they all tell me they will put them on facebook so I have just been letting them do my job for me. Haha That´s so awesome for Nathan. He is such a good guy! He has serious ballin skills. I´m glad seth´s surgery went ok. What is the word on the Sidney house?! I would die for some cold wind right now.... Haha I´ll let you know on transfers. Love you!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 8:56 AM, Tim Hackleman wrote:

Dear Elder Hackleman

So I bet your week was pretty busy!!! What's happening? New companion! I'm sure it was a crazy time! You'll have to fill us in on all the details!

So Seth had his surgery. It went really well, but he is struggling to recover. If anyone knows how it is, it's you! He just can't get comfortable and isn't very hungry. Yesterday was kinda rough for him and this morning, as if he wasn't struggling enough, he threw up. But by the time I had Nathan to Seminary, he was sound asleep. So hopefully he'll get some rest. I'm sure your mom will tell you this but I'll tell you anyway! :) Seth's doctor came out and talked to us while Seth was in recovery. He said that he would PREFER that Seth goes on his mission before playing anymore football. That it would be as good as new with two years to recover. He could play this fall, but if he ended up injuring it again, he may not be able to repair it again. I'm worried that if Seth doesn't get on a team this fall he won't be able to get on one when he gets home. I'm okay with that, but I know how much you guys love playing. Lots of decisions ahead of him. It doesn't help the fact that he had coaches from two different schools contact him on the day of his surgery!

Maybe you should write him and give him your counsel. He'll value that a great deal.

Your brothers are doing great! Grant has straight A's in school! He is working so hard!!! Nathan is doing great on the spiritual side, but needs to pay a little more attention to the school side! :)

Well, I can't wait to hear how this past week went! Change can be very exciting and motivating!!

I love you so much and I'm so proud of you! Take care of yourself and keep working hard! You're clankin' half way through your mission!!!!

Love you!


Hey pops!

Still nothing on transfers. I am just bumming it with another companionship until tomorrow when I get my new companion. They still haven´t told me if I am changing areas as well or not. I will let you know. I was pretty bummed letting my companion go. We have become best friends. So what happened with the sidney house?! Did you finally get that thing sold? Sounds like seth has a lot of decisions to make. I will send him my input. Haha I am so proud of nathan and grant. They are rock stars for real......well without the drugs and women and parties of course. Haha I sure love you dad. I will find a way to let you guys know about transfers.

Elder Hackleman

Letters This Week 2-24-2014

Elder Hackleman's Baptism This Week

On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 11:32 PM,

Elder Hackleman,

How in the world are you? I hope you have a little more time today to give me some more information. I think I will go ahead and write my questions in numbers, then all you have to do is respond to each number. Last time we did it this way it was very effective:)

(Elder Hackleman responded in red)

1. Where do you eat your meals?  I eat breakfast and dinner in my room now. We only eat lunch in our pensionist´s house.

2. How often do you eat your meals?  whenever we have time...haha

3. Do you have someone who comes in and cleans?  No. Unfortunately we clean ourselves =(

4. Do you have someone who does your laundry?  Yes absolutely

5. How long has your companion been on a mission?  4 months recently
6. When are you going to send a picture of your companion?  I´ll send one today)
7. What is the ward like?  the ward is small. there are about 80 people that attend church but they usually show up five min before sacrament meeting ends.
8. Is the food similar to the food in Lima?  Yeah the food is pretty much the same
9. Do you ever go to Lima for zone conferences or anything?  Nope the president travels up here. He did this last week. It was awesome. He taught a three hour conference on the first 6 verses in first nephi!
10. Did you know that Tayson got married on Saturday?  No! I didn´t!

11. Did you know that Lebron James got his nose broken while driving to the basket in a game last week?  I guess even the best can break a nose once in a while =)
12. Did you know that he continued his drive and slam dunked the basket before falling to the ground in pain and with a nose bleed?  And that´s why he´s the best.
13. Did you know that your brother Nathan is now watching basketball on tv once in a while? I AM SO HAPPY!
14. Did you know that Nathan and Grant won their last basketball game on Saturday? YES!
15. Are you going to take some pictures for us? Oh wait, maybe I already said that one:) HAHA yes mother
16. Did you have your baptism on Wed? Yep! It was awesome! Her name is Ariana. Her sister who is 8 and named Celeste got baptized the same day. Ariana is the one on the left.
17. Did you know that Becky and Tim had a little boy they named Keatan? NO! That is so awesome! Ask them what happened to the name Jaren though.
18. Did you know I have been trying out some Peruvian recipes?  No way! What have you made?! Were they yummy?

Ok, that should about do it, unless you can think of anything else you would like to add:)

Wed, Seth has his doctors appointment to see how he is coming along. He is still in his sling and hasn't been back to work yet, but maybe after Wed.

I sure love you!

Love Mom

Dear Mom,

This other picture is my Cui that I had last week. It is sooo good. I hope that you guys have a great week! Oh yea! We got an old missionary couple in our stake here in Huaraz. They are going to do family history work. They both speak spanish really well. Thats because they served a mission in guatemala and served six years in a spanish ward in.....Mesquite Nevada! (I don´t know how to spell Mesquite) Haha


Love you!

Elder Hackleman

Monday, February 17, 2014

College or Mission First?

Seth Made His Decision this week.  He is going on a mission before college

Now he will be on a mission the same time as Jaren

Missionary Letter From Peru


Elder Hackleman,

How are you doing today? I never did hear what happened on the day of your transfer. Did you take a bus to your new area? Were you traveling alone? How did you manage all of your stuff etc?

In your new place you are staying, what does it look like? Do you do your own cleaning and cooking? How big is the new ward? What does your companion look like? What is the crime rate like compared to Lima? How many missionaries are in Huarez? Is Lima West mission the only mission that has missionaries in Huarez? Do you have any investigators you are teaching? Is the food any different?

As you can see I am very curious about you. Hope you are getting adapted to the new area. Things are good around here. The boys have a winter break so they were out of school on Friday and again today. Seth is in Fort Collins getting spoiled. He fly's back tonight. He is still in a shoulder brace but the pain has gone down a lot and he is getting around really well now.

Saturday not many kids showed up for the young men's basketball game. They played with 6 kids, which meant that Nathan and Grant got to play almost the entire game. We finally won our second game. Nathan made something like 23 points and Grant was the assist monster. They both had great games. Tim Law is the coach and he does such a great job.

Grant is going to an indoor water park today with Kelsey Hadley and her boys. Nathan and I are going to watch little Hannah. She is such a cutie.

Your blog continues to have a lot of followers. It has something like 7,000 hits on it. Crazy huh? Thank you for the pictures you sent last week, they were a hit:)

Well, I'm hoping you will be able to answer some of my questions today:)

I love you!


Hey momma! I´m doing great! Let´s see. I took a bus that left Lima at 10 o’clock at night and got to Huaraz something like 7:30 in the morning. Haha I came up with 6 or 7 other missionaries that got transferred here to Huaraz. We do our own cleaning but we still have a pensionista that cooks for us. The crime rate is a lot lower here. Its way more chill. There are 22 missionaries in my zone in Huaraz and no the whole zone just belongs to my mission. 


We have some really cool investigators that we are teaching but not many so we have been contacting like crazy. We do have a baptism this Wednesday though! The food is the same. Today we are going to have Cuy for lunch!!!!!!!!!!! Guinea pig! I´m stoked. Haha That´s so awesome. I hope Nathan gains enough confidence to play in school next year! I´ve never even seen Hannah yet! And what´s the deal on Becky´s baby! Haha I will go check my blog out. I haven´t in a few weeks. Love you Mom!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 8:51

Monday, February 10, 2014

This Week From Peru

Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 10:45:28 -0500
Subject: Re: Week of 2/2/14
From: Elder Hackleman
To: Dad

If heaven can be found on earth, it is found in Huaraz, Perú. It´s safe to say that this is the most touristy beautiful place in Perú and maybe all of south america short of machu Picchu. Funny story. I went to transfers and was talking to some of the elders that I knew and I told them, ¨If the church is really true and President Archibald really receives revelation, I am going to be sent to Huaraz.¨ Haha it was totally a joke of course but I had been dying in Lima for so many months because it has been so hot that for real, there is no way investigators can feel the Spirit to the same magnitude if I am filling buckets up of sweat in their house. Then they called my name and said I was going there! It was so awesome. Haha everyone that knows me that isn´t here hates me now though because it is by far the most coveted zone in the entire mission. They always start the transfer announcements with Huaraz and when they say ¨ok let’s get started! Everyone sucks in a deep breath and holds it in the hopes that they get sent here. Önce or twice a month we go to these awesome lakes in the mountains or ancient ruins or something on pday. Next monday we are going to a lake up in the mountains by a little city outside of Huaraz called Caraz. We need a translator for some of the lessons we teach because there is an indigenous people that lives here up in the mountains that speaks a language called Quichua. It is completely different than spanish. I want to try and learn it and come home trilingual. Haha anyways it is so wonderful to be here. Tell the brothers and Mom I love them and can´t wait to hear how it goes with seth and college and the sidney house and stuff.

To: Elder Hackleman
From: Mom

Seth officially signed with Peru state. He has a full ride scholarship for all 4 years. They do not care when he goes on his mission, he can still have the academic scholarship whenever he attends. He still hasn't made up his mind for sure about going to a semester this fall or straight on a mission. If he goes this fall they will redshirt him since he is not supposed to play for a year. They are sure being awesome. They love Seth. Two coaches from Peru State came to his school for signing day.

Seth Signs with Peru State, a college in Nebraska, to play Football

Nathan and Grant lost another basketball game on Saturday but they have both improved their skills so much. We had a snow day last week so we went to the church and played for hours and hours. I taught them some new stuff and they used in during the game. Grant has come a long way. I think people forget he is only a 7th grader because he is so big and his skills have come so far.
Your dad has been really busy with work. He has taken a lot of time off work to go on all the college visits, dr. appointments and surgery for Seth. He is working around the clock to try and get caught up, but he sure does love his job so it makes it worth while.
The Relief Society is going just fine. Keeping me out of trouble.

Did I mention I have been worried sick about you!!!
Oh, ya, a broken record. Sorry.

I can't wait to hear from you!!

HEY MOM!!!!! No I am fine! Huaraz is literally a dream. I still can´t believe I am here. I just don´t have a lot of time to talk because we do so many cool things on p-day! Check out these pics! We went up into the Andes Mountains today. I am officially the first person on earth to yell ¨Nebraska!¨ in the middle of the Andes of Perú. Well I am pretty sure. Haha That is so awesome of Seth! I am so proud of him! Two Peruvian sons!!!!! Haha Love you mom!
We just live in like a little two room apartment. My companion is awesome. His name is Elder Guzman so I always think of good ole Roberto from soccer. Haha He is from Honduras.... PS Today I officially have 10 months in my mission! Crazy Right!

Elder Hackleman wanted to be the first person to Yell Nebraska as loud as he can in the Andes Mountains.