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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grant's New Suit

Grant got a New Suite.  Thank You Grandma Karen!  One Day He Will Be a Missionary Just Like His Big Brother Elder Hackleman

Monday, October 28, 2013

Seth's Team is Going to State In Football

Football Teams Is Shaving their Heads for State Playoffs, This is What Younger Brother Does While His Older Brother is On A Mission:)

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Photos from Peru Lima West Mission This Week

This Week

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 8:28 AM, Tim Hackleman wrote:

Dear Elder Hackleman!

How was your week?? Did you have your baptisms that were scheduled??? You have been there so long that the Ward must truly seem like family now. That's so awesome. How are the newly baptized converts doing? Are they getting support from the Ward? I hope so. So have you seen anyone walking around in your Nebraska T-Shirt that was stolen?

We had a great week. Nathan had his interview last week to receive his Patriarchal Blessing. I just have to remind him to call the Patriarch to schedule his appointment! I'm so excited for him to get it. I think it will really help him to understand his potential and who he really is. Nathan was called as the Second Counselor in the Teachers Quorum Presidency. So now all of your brothers are in leadership positions in the Priesthood. I don't think a father can be any more proud of his four sons than this one is!!! Grant and the rest of the Deacons taught the lesson yesterday. It's amazing how much more attentive they are to each other! hahaha. Our Ward is growing. It seems like there are a couple new families every month.

So I talked to Grandpa Rog on Friday and he and Gma are going to Massachusetts next weekend and he wanted to give the Missionaries his two tickets to the CSU game. It was funny. But he called the Missionaries (they told him they couldn't take them) but somehow the Mission President got involved and he and his wife went over to visit Gma and Gpa! CRAZY!!! They stayed for about a half hour. Apparently there is a Senior Couple serving there that really wanted to go to the game so they got the tickets. Again, CRAZY!!!

It's fun having Grandma Polly here. Seth did awesome in his last game against Westside. We were ahead by 13 points going into the 4th quarter. The Titan's had totally dominated them the whole game. We had two or three costly mistakes and they ended up beating us 42-27! So frustrating!!! Anyway, they are still in the playoffs and play Creighton Prep on Friday. The team all wanted to do mohawks for their first trip to State. So I attached photos of what I did to Seth's hair. He loves it. The great thing is that we can just shave it all off and he'll look completely normal. Also, Grant went out to visit Grandma Karen and Gpa Rog last weekend. Grandma bought Grant a new suit, so I attached a photo of him.

Oh well, better get back to work. I love you son. Be careful and keep working hard!

¡Ámele hijo!


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 11:08:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Week of 10/27/13

Ah Seth has sick hair! Haha I am still waiting for you to come clean and admit that you do not have Nathans touchdown on video. Either way your in trouble dad. Either you do have it and you are way late sending it to me or you don't and you should be ashamed....Hehe

We had two baptisms this week. xxxx xxxxxx and.........BBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRR(Drum roll) xxxx xxxx!!!! I was so excited when he asked me to baptize him. I can’t even believe how awesome he looked when he came out of the water. I could see a new glow in his eyes that has not dimmed since his baptism. I am so happy. We also got a couple awesome pictures with the primary who loves the missionaries so that was awesome. Overall, an amazing week.

Try to get me some footage of the first Hackleman, Post season football player would ya. Thanks pops. Haha

On a more spiritual note, I am so excited for nathan to get his patriarchal blessing. I still remember everything that happened the day I got my blessing. He is an awesome young man. And I don’t know about you but grant sure looks like a missionary in that suit! Haha tell grandma polly hello for me and that I love her and that in all seriousness, I have felt the presence of grandpa howard in more instances than one while I have been out here on my mission. I know he is watching over me. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are completely and totally involved in this mission work. I am so excited to hear what seth decides to do about his mission.

Papá, Gracias por todo lo que has hecho para mi en mi vida y en las vidas de mis hermanos y mi mamá. Todos nosotros sabemos que tú nos amas. Tú eres un buen ejemplo po tú familia y mi esperanza es que, algun día, yo puedo ser un esposo y papá exactamente como tú. Te Amo Papá.

Elder Hackleman,

Good morning. How has your week been going? So how are you doing? We have been having a good week. Nathan officially finished football. He played a game on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was very cold. We bundled up mom the best we could and she still froze, but she was in good spirits and was glad to be able to see the games. Seth's game on Friday was a lot warmer. We are gearing up for Seth's post season game this coming Friday. They play Creighton Prep.

Ryan Shields is now on facebook with his mission. Kind of cool.

So you got us totally curious about what you are going to do that will shake up the entire mission? We need more info:)

How is the new camera working out?
I sure love you!

Hey momma! Ok I will start off by telling how I just single handedly rocked misión Perú Lima Oeste, ok with the help of my companion, the sister missionaries in my ward, the ward members, the bishop, The Spirit,

It was an activity that we did yesterday before church. It was a HUGE success. We and the sisters got as many young single adults and young men and women from the ward as would come and met up at the church building. The four of us missionaries made slips of paper with 3 questions on them. Do you believe in God? Did you know that God has a plan for all of his children? Would you like to know more about how families can live together forever? Then at the bottom, we put a spot where they can write names, addresses, and times where the missionaries can pass by to meet with them. The idea is that they all go to different areas in our ward and contact people on the street. They do not have to be worried about trying to teach something. They just ask the questions to get the people interested in hearing more and then give a brief but heartfelt testimony and ask for their information. It was a AWESOME! In my area, Elder Ramos and I got 26 references from this activity and the sisters area got something like 22. That means we had almost 50 references in our ward in the span of one hour! The Lord definitely has His hand in our work for Him.

So Grandma told me that her and Gramps tried to give their tickets to the CSU football game to some missionaries! Haha and they didnt accept of course bu it somehow ended up with a visit to there house from the mission president and his wife!! Haha they asked grandma and grandpa if they could give the tickets to the senior couple. how funny!

I sure do love you mamá! Cuando yo regreso a mí país y tú y yo estamos listo para mirar televisión juntos por un tiempo como hicimos antes mi misión, voy a enseñarte español para que tú sepas mas que palabras de un play de teatre. Haha

Te Amo Mamá!

Elder Hackleman

Last weeks letters

Elder Hackleman

On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 11:27 PM, Tim Hackleman wrote:

Dear Elder Hackleman,

I know I start emails off the same way every single time, but we get so clankin' excited to hear about your week!!! Okay, I have to admit, even though I was so proud of you and your investigator, I had to laugh a little about you hitting his head on the step when you baptized him!!! Did you have any more scheduled for this week? Your companion looks like he's a great man.

I noticed that you cleaned out your bank account. I hope that was you and not someone else!! Did you find a camera or something? Let me know if you did make the with drawl in case I have to do something with the account. By the way, have you noticed anyone around the neighborhood wearing your Nebraska T-Shirt????

We are all doing well here. Everyone is healthy. How are you doing??? You never told us if the glasses are working for you. We assume that they are since we see you in them all the time. How's your health otherwise??

Nathan has his last game on Tuesday night. Seth's last regular season game is Friday. We play Westside. If we somehow beat them, we will be District champs. We are going to the playoffs anyway, so Seth is super excited about it. I'll try to get some new film of them both posted.

The Lord has blessed me so much! I have the best wife in the world and my four sons are far better men and young men than I can ever hope to be. We struggle a lot as a family, although outsiders would never know it. But I truly know that it is for our own good and that the Lord and Heavenly Father know what's best for us. Even though we rarely understand why. That's when faith comes in. We had a great Sunday School lesson on Faith, and Deacon's Quorum lesson on Patience today and it really helped me to understand how important it is to endure with patience and have faith in our Savior.

I love you son. I love that you have chosen to serve the Lord. Keep working hard and know that your family is always praying for you. Also know that there is no mortal person on the earth that loves you more than your mom, dad and brothers.

Ámele hijo,


Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 11:18:52 -0500
Subject: Re: Week of 10/20/13

Hey dad!

Yeah I just happened to check my bank account the other day and saw that there was money in it so I took it out. Thank you! It was just right. I got a nice camera, almost identical to mine. You need to go read mom´s email to see what I learned in a meeting with President Archibald as a zone. We had that meeting, and then personal interviews after. He is awesome. He taught us tons of stuff in the zone meeting, one of the things I mentioned in mom´s email but that was just a little tangent that he used to help teach the importance of the topic. He taught us all about the Fall of Adam and Eve. As missionaries, we study that everyday so we couldn´t help but feel a little prideful when he opened up about what he was going to talk about. Well we were humbled very fast. He taught me TONS that I never realized about the fall that made so much sense. He talked about how well planned it was that adam had to partake of the fruit. The scriptures say that when the earth was created, ¨It was good.¨ In other words, the entire earth was perfect before God at the time of Adam, not just the garden of Eden. But still, they were restricted only to the boundaries of the garden. President gave the analogy that it was like a crib for a baby. Even though the entire bedroom of a baby is for the most part, childproof and safe, we still put children in their cribs. Also the scriptures say that the tree of knowledge of good and evil was placed in the middle of the garden, and that we can assume all passageways and walkways pass the tree. So imagine if you were a parent. You put your child in a beautiful, but small area, like a crib. Then, in the center of that crib, you put a big cookie or cake or something. What on earth do you think is going to happen! We know that God is all knowing and has a perfect knowledge of the past, present, and future. So with that, we have two options. Either God is not all knowing (which you don´t even have to be to know what would happen in this situation) or, He may have set the garden and the tree up in that manner on purpose!

How incredibly awesome and simple is that to understand now! Haha I love it. Anyways, I hope you guys have an awesome week. Let me know how the boys do in football! Do you not have Nathan´s touchdown on video! I sure love seeing my boys on youtube!

Love you dad

Hello, Elder Hackleman,

I sure hope it has been a good week for you. We have been having fun since Grandma got here. Grant flew to Colorado on Friday and comes back on Monday. The boys had school off on those days. He is having fun shopping it up:)

Grandma Polly flew in and had a layover in Denver. We had her scheduled to be taken by wheelchair from one flight to the next so she wouldn't get lost. Only problem is, she jumped up and got off the plane before they could get to her. Then she got lost in the airport. Luckily a very nice lady helped her find her way and stayed with her for a couple of hours. We think it might have been an angel. She certainly was an angel to us.

When mom got to Omaha she left two bags on the plane. She couldn't even remember how many bags she had with her. She was so tired, and hungry and discombobulated. She flew in on a plane that docked in the same spot you left from, so as you know, there was only a few steps from the plane to get around the security checkpoint. They didn't wheel her in Omaha either, I guess she got off too fast again, but then she was lost in the Omaha airport. I started calling her over and over because I knew if she came off the plane she had to be close by. Luckily she didn't turn her phone off, probably through the entire flight, and so she heard the call. Anyway to make a long story short, I told her to turn around because I could see her through the glass, and I was waving like crazy and she finally made it out. We were able to ascertain her lost two bags that somehow made it to Omaha. The cleaning crew found them on the plane and brought them to us. When she got to me, she told me, losing your mind is for the birds. Oh I love her so much:)

Since she has been here we have been having fun. We played Monopoly tonight. Seth calls it Mono Polly. The best. It's a better game to play with her than Clue because it is easier to follow along with.

Grandma Polly is staying until the first of December. We will have a fun time together.

Well, I sure love you!

Love Mom

Holy clank. Oh Grandma =) I´m glad you guys found her. So will she be staying with you until you all go to Idaho for the Beck reunion or what? Thank you so much for the money! I bought a camera that is almost identical to my other one, I´m happy because I know how to use it already. Haha We had a good week this week. We have a lot of baptisms coming up. My companion and I have some things planned that could potentially rock this mission into the millennium. =)

We had interviews with President Archibald this week. I love talking with that guy. He is insanely smart and has a knowledge of the scriptures like Bruce R Mckonkie for real. But I like him too because he isn´t a huge ruler. He isn´t always harping on us about silly things. His goal on his mission and for us as his missionaries is 3 things. Baptize, reactivate, and baptize. If we´re doing that, He´s happy. He trusts us that as we do those things, we will do what´s right. He gave an example in our zone conference that we had with him that the mission handbook says very distinctly and strictly, ¨missionaries never swim on their missions.¨ Then he called on one of the sister´s in my zone who is notorious for being a abide by the rules to the letter type. He asked her, ¨now, we understand this rule. Let´s say you are walking by a lake that is in your area and you see a five year old boy out in the water yelling and splashing that he needs help because he doesn´t know how to swim, What do you do?¨ In my head, I´m thinking, I drop my stuff and jump in there without a second thought. The sister literally sat there and thought about it for like 20 seconds and then said, ¨I would try and find someone to go in and save him because it would be breaking a rule.¨ The mission president very kindly explained how stupid of an idea that would be. Haha I couldn´t even believe she had to think about it. He explained to us that the rules we have are serious and shouldn´t be taken lightly, but that they are there not to be followed to the letter because there are in fact situations where mission rules must be broken. We have our rules to be able to always have the Spirit with us. If we have the Spirit with us, we will know when the situation calls for a broken rule. Then he gave the analogy of Nephi when he was asked by the Spirit to kill Laban. Everything he had been taught his whole life said that killing is wrong. But that does not supersede God´s will and the promptings of the Spirit in a certain situation.

Well that’s my fun, spiritual, learning experience for today! I sure love you all!

Elder Hackleman


Monday, October 14, 2013

This Isn't Missionary Work, This Is Missionary Fun!

After the baptism this 24 year old started tearing up and told me how surprised he was because not only could he feel something when he went under the water, but he couldn´t believe how powerful it was and how good he felt after words. It was so awesome. I pray that he never forgets that feeling and builds off of it to help himself progress in the gospel.

This 17 year old has a brother in law who is a returned missionary who lives in this ward so he got to baptize him which is awesome!

We were trying to drain the font to clean it so we could refill it nice and clean but it wasn't draining right so I thought up the bright idea to try and plunge it......It didn´t work. We ended up bucketing all the water out. Haha

2 Baptisms In One Week!

Elder Hackleman,

How are you doing? How did the weekend go? I was thinking about your stolen backpack and came to the conclusion that it was probably stolen by the waiter. Do you think it might have been the waiter? Did you ask the owners if they had a "missing backpack" turned in? All and all, I'm sure it is lost and gone forever.  Too bad they got that great camera with all your pictures:(

Other than the missing backpack, how are things going?

We had a good time going to Wayne State college visit. It is a crazy thing trying to figure out what would be the best thing to do. Seth has a lot of big decisions to make in the next 6 months.

Grandma Karen was going to come and visit this weekend, but then ended up not coming after all. Roger has a big appointment on Tuesday to decide about chemo.  Hopefully we will know more of what the next few months are going to be like for him soon.

Grandma Polly is coming out for a long visit. She will be here for a month. We are looking forward to that.

Grant is done with football so little by little things will start to slow down as far as games go. Nathan just has two games left. I don't know what we will do when all of football season is over. It has been such a big part of our lives for so long.

Well, I sure love you!

Love mom

Hey Mamma!

This week was awesome! We had two baptisms. One´s name is xxxxxx. He is 17. His brother in law is a returned missionary who lives in this ward so he got to baptize him which is awesome. The other´s name is xxxxx. He’s 24 and has had a pretty hard core life with troubles of just about every form. But we have been meeting with him and we have seen his progression grow extremely fast. He wants to change everything in his life and turn to the Lord. What better way to start then to clean yourself of all your sins right!

I felt so bad because we thought there was enough water in the font but when we stepped in, the water came up to just below my knees. It was pretty late and we didn´t have time to wait to fill the font up some more, we were also already in the water which was freezing so we just went on with it. The first time, his leg popped up because he didn´t expect that I could put him down that low and bring him back up, So we did it again and the second time, I tried to make sure he went all the way down so I dunked him deeper and accidentally smacked his head on the step!! I felt so bad. He was totally fine though and said you could hear it but it really didn´t hit hard. Anyway, it was still an awesome experience because when we went to the bathroom to change, he started tearing up and told me how surprised he was because not only could he feel something when he went under the water (Spiritually speaking, not just his head haha) but that he couldn´t believe how powerful it was and how good he felt after words. It was so awesome. I pray that he never forgets that feeling and builds off of it to help himself progress in the gospel. I sure do love you all! Have fun with Grandma Polly!!!!

Elder Hackleman

Monday, October 7, 2013

Doubt Your Doubts Before You Doubt Your Faith

Elder Hackleman's Favorite Quote Of The Year!

Gringos Watch Conference Together


I didn´t forget dad´s birthday but thanks for the reminder just in case! I am so glad the football week was better this week. That is so awesome with Seth´s college offer! If I weren´t so dang proud of him, I´d be pretty jealous! I´m glad Nathan and Grant are putting up some W´s as well.

Conference was so awesome wasn´t it! It just gets better and better every year. I sent dad my favorite part so you´ll have to read it. Do something fun with dad for the old man´s birthday!

I am going to complete 6 months in my mission in 3 days. Can you believe how fast it´s gone! Am I really your favorite missionary!! You know there are a lot of them out there. That´s a pretty bold statement. Haha

I sure love you mommy!

Elder Hackleman

The gringo clan that watched conference in English. 

My Pensionista took us out to eat Pollo a la Brasa. Yum!

All the English speakers from Zona Trebòl! 

Pictures From Home

Jeff and Tim

Buddies Lined Up Against Each Other, But Still Friends After The Game.

Spencer Palmer and Grant Hackleman

Grant #42

Grant Almost Makes The Catch

#79 Lined up against Seth.  He is over 400 pounds.

Nathan #89

Nathan Makes A Block

Nathan blocks #73

Nathan #89

Nathan's Final Score.  Go Titans!

Nathan Kicking

Nathan Kicking

We Scored a Lot So Nathan Kicked a Lot

Nathan's #1 Fan!

Nathan Takes One To The Face

Nathan's Tackle

Nathan's 2nd Tackle

Thank you Jeff and Joe for a Great Weekend!

This Game Was On Local TV. 

Seth #55 Tore It Up.  400 Pounds, No Problem.

Seth's Running Back Tied the All Time Record for Most Touchdowns.  Thanks to Large Holes Created By The O Line.

Seth Ended Up With 9 Pride Stickers.

The Running Back Would Score a Touchdown and Then Immediately Find Seth to Give Him A High 5.  The Weather Was Ominous.  We Were Under Tornado Watch.  Immediately Following the Game the Sky Lit Up for Hours With Lightening.