Monday, October 27, 2014

Ventanilla, Peru

Ventanilla, Peru

Elder Roco is one of my best friends in the whole mission.He was my district leader when I was in Huaraz.
He is ending his mission this transfer.

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 8:54 AM, Amy wrote:

Elder J Hackleman,

Another week has flown by. Last week I was traveling back from Idaho on Monday. It was a long drive, but the weather cooperated so there were no problems along the way.

We are gearing up for Halloween. Nathan is having a Halloween party at our house. He is considering having a Twilight Marathon with all his friends. It should be interesting.

What is your new area like and your new companion? I would love some pictures:) What is your address? We were thinking of google mapping again. It's fun to see the area you are serving via google earth.

So your uncle's are wondering if you would consider ISU for college. I never really knew what your opinion about ISU was or is?

Do you know what day you come home? I know you said it was in March but do you know the day? Not urgent, just curious.

I love you so much. I can't wait to hear from you:) Monday's are my favorite day!

Love Mom

Hey momma!!!! our address is xxxxxx. I hope you can find it. The city is called Ventanilla. We are right around the corner from the church building! I would love to play football again.

I do know what day I go home. It is March 23 If I’m not mistaken. My companions name is Elder Quezada. He is from El Salvador. He is awesome. I don’t have picturess of him yet. Haha it was kind of a crazy week this week. We had tons of different trainings with president. The missionary I am with in the second picture is Elder Roco. He is one of my best friends in the whole mission. He was my district leader when I was in Huaraz. He is ending his mission this transfer. Him, Elder Kitchens, (My best friend on earth), Elder Crozier, (The missionary that knows Josh Woodbury) Elder Acero, (My second companion in the mission after Elder Kitchens) and others. I will be losing a lot of brothers this transfer. Anyway, the pictures are a few of my area so you can get a feel for it. Haha love you!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 9:24 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder,

How was your week last week? I'm getting the feeling that you're a little stressed out. What can your Dad do for you? I know you are working hard and busier than ever with the work of the Lord. That's good! Probably a little stressed out because you feel time is slipping through your fingers. That's okay too. That means your heart is where it needs to be. You're probably even starting to allow thoughts about what's next creep into your mind. That's where mommy and daddy come in. As time goes by and you ponder the things that you want to do when you get home, like school, etc., let us know! We can get a jump start on things while you are finishing up your labors in the field. We can send in college applications, scholarship applications or whatever you need! That's my little pep talk to my eldest son!

Okay, so Utah pulled out a squeaker against USC at home. Blackout game!

University of Utah
Blackout Uniform 2014

I attached a photo of Utah's sick black uniforms! Anyway, they ended up winning 24-21. It should have been much worse. We reached the 2-yard line twice and turned it over both times!!! We got there a third time and had to settle for a field goal!! They moved up to #18 in the polls. Here's one for you! Colorado State could win the Mountain West conference!

We're going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving. Gpa is getting us tickets to the CSU vs. Air Force game in Colorado Springs. That should be a fun game. Your mom is doing great in school. She's my woman. Have you been hearing from Seth? I hope so! Apparently, he has to have his hair longer!!! He says that there has to be a line, or part, in it so he has to keep the top longer. He's so funny. Well enough of me rambling on! What's happening in Ventanilla? How's the food there compared to the other places you've been? Also, what are your living arrangements there? Apartment, house? Do you have a pensionist?

Do you ever hear from Seth? I guess Mexico is infested with tarantulas. He's loving it!! Not the tarantulas!

I am so proud of you son!!

¡Te amo hijo!!


Dear Dad,

haha yea he writes me. I love that kid. He said hasn’t been rejected once! Everyone wants to hear him!!!! I am proud of him......that is not the case where I am afraid....haha

Hey dad!!!! You read my mind. It has been a stressful week. I don´t have time to breath. The last six months of a mission are craziness. I do think a lot about where I am going to college. Just thinking about it, I am thinking between ISU and the U. Dad, I really want to go to the U. I would go to ISU if I could play football there though. Could you and mom start going crazy on college applications and scholarships for those two schools? GOOO UTES!!!! That is so sick. Their helmets are awesome!!!!! I can’t believe CSU though! Where did that come from? Are they ranked?

Ventanilla is great. We are finding a lot of new people to teach. I have a pensionist who is a fantastic cook so the food is great.

I am in a room that is part of a house but it has its own entry and everything apart so it feels like it’s own separate house. I gave mom the address for it so you can google earth it. It’s right around the corner from the church so that is nice. I sure love you dad! How are your college classes coming along?

Elder Hackleman

Letters Oct 19

On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 10:44 PM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder J Hackleman,

How is my oldest son who is now a zone leader doing? We got an email from your mission president with an awesome letter telling how impressed they are with you and your capabilities. I know that you got transferred, but I don't know anything else. One of your buddies's mom tagged you in a picture on facebook. I added it to your mission blog even though I don't know the details of the picture.

This week has been an exciting one since I have spent it in Idaho running all over from one sibling to the next. I saw Chelsey on Friday. It was so good to see her. I didn't get to talk to her very long. We met at Golden Corral, but ironically she pulled up at the exact same time Macey and her fiancé, so I was trying to talk to everyone at once. We ate dinner together at Golden Corral. Chelsey had to get on the road because she was driving all the way back to Saint George that same day.

Christie, mom and I went and saw the movie put out by the church called "Meet the Mormons." It was great.

I went to school in Idaho Falls, for my BYU-Idaho class. I also went to an Idaho State football game. They were playing SUU. That is where your buddy Josh is going to school I think. I checked the roster in case he was playing football. He wasn't.

It was so much fun.

Today we went to Aberdeen because Kristen lives there now and she had her baby blessed. It was fun to see people from the ward I grew up in.

Today is Sunday evening. I am going to be driving back to Omaha tomorrow so I am emailing you today. I may or may not have reception along the way.

I can't wait to hear about the details of your transfer etc.

I sure love you!

Love Mom

Hey Mom! Yeah I was called as zone leader. haha How is the beck family! I hope you sent my love to everyone. Did Chelsey eat dinner with the whole family then? How did that go? How is Macey doing?  Tell me about it!

I did hear about that movie. I bet it was awesome. did you go to a class while you were in Idaho falls or what? I thought it was just online? What are Joel Jared Daniel and the rest of the family up to? I sure love you!

Elder Hackleman

Dear Elder!

You crazy man! You neglected to tell your parents that you were called to be Zone Leader! We heard it through a very nice letter from Pres. Archibald and his wife. I know this means a lot more administrative work and a little less teaching, but the Lord's system of managing His work is superior to the world's. The skills that you have learned and will now learn will help you to become a great manager in whatever career you choose. No matter what it is. Managing people, time, resources or materials you'll draw on this experience the rest of your life and it will put you far ahead of others. And the best part right now is that you can help to save souls at the same time!!!

The Utes went up to Oregon State and won in overtime. They better get their offensive heads on straight because USC is coming to Rice Eccles next weekend!

Everything here is going great! I have been hired at Bellevue University to teach Graphic Design classes. Two things about it. First, classes (for me) won't start until January. Second, they may not start at all. I'm only teaching a class if the class needs dividing. So if there are too many students in one class, they'll split it and I'll take one. It's all taught online so I can work whenever is best for my schedule. The other one that I'm waiting to hear about is Midland University in Fremont about 45 minutes away. They will probably have classes that I will actually need to be present in. That will be a lot fun as well! So, in the grand scheme of things, it's not that much money. It would be around $1,000 to $1,200 a class. Plenty to pay for my two awesome missionaries... and spoil your mom a little more!!! I should hear something about Midland in a week or so.

I think Seth is doing great. He said he got sick one day. I have to find out more about that. He also said that they did a service project and cleaned out a house that was full of dead Tarantula's!!!! Can you imagine your brother surrounded by spiders!!! Apparently there is a lizard living in his room that he named Rico. I say take care of it! It will keep the spiders down!!! Your mom is on her way home. I can't wait to see her! We had High Priest's Quorum meeting last night. I got to chat a little bit with Bishop Walker. He's doing great and was wondering how you were doing. Tim Law is in China right now. I wonder what crazy thing he's going to come home with!!

I am so proud of you! Keep working hard and tell us all about your new Comp and exciting news from your work!

I love you son!!


Hey dad! Yeah I didn´t tell you about zone leader. It isn´t anything major. Just another opportunity to serve in different ways. My zone is the biggest zone in the mission. Its called Ventanilla. We have 29 missionaries and next transfer we will get 2 more because we are going to open another area. We also have the highest number of baptisms as a zone almost every month. The church is really strong here. It is nice to work with people who are so strong. It helps us out so much. I am so proud of Seth! He already had a baptism! I bet he is loving the food too. Haha

Well that should be fun teaching! You will be alot busier haha. What is your calling in the church right now? I forgot. I love you dad.

Elder Hackleman

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jesus Our Exemplar

As we look to Jesus as our Exemplar, and as we follow in His footsteps, we can return safely to Our Heeavenly Father, President Thomas S. Monson

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letters This Week

Yesterday's email from Elder Hackleman was two sentences long. This morning I got an email from his mission president, so now I know why Elder Hackleman's email was so short. He got transferred and called to be Zone Leader. He will be even more busy now.

Dear Elder J Hackleman,

How are you doing? What's new this week? What did you think about conference?

I am in Idaho right now. I had a friend from the ward who was coming to Idaho on a week long trip so I jumped in for the ride. I got here late Saturday evening.

Yesterday I went to church with Troy and Christie in Blackfoot then we went to Grandma Polly's house. Her sister Luanne and Loa were both there so we had a good visit with them, then we went to Joel's and visited with them and then on to Daniel's and back to Christie's. Today I hope to catch up with Jared and Jeremy. It's a fun time, but I still have to get my homework done somehow, so I am up at 5:00 a.m. working on it.

I might not be getting a lot of sleep, but it sure is fun.

I sure love you!



Elder Jeffrey Hackleman

Hey mom! I can’t believe you! Haha Chelsey wrote me and said she was going to be in Pocatello! She has to get her knee checked out I guess. I got transferred!

Love Elder Hackleman

Thursday, October 2, 2014

No General Conference This Week In Peru

In Peru this week there are Political Elections. Because of this no one can go to church this weekend.
They will have to participate in Conference a week behind the rest of us.
This is the Law in Peru:
Political gatherings are forbidden, while public gatherings of any sort are prohibited during voting hours, including religious liturgies and entertainment shows. Clergy of any religion can not participate in their distinctive garments or habits.

On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 9:56 AM, Amy wrote:

Elder J Hackleman,

I can't believe today is actually here. Seth flies out to Mexico. I am patiently waiting for his phone call from the airport. Ok, maybe that isn't true. Patient might not be the correct word for it, but I am excited!

Grandma Karen and Grandpa Roger on on their way to the house right now. They are hoping to get here before he calls. They left yesterday driving this way and got as far as Kearney and then spent the night.

Grant played Westside in football on Thursday. It was on the same field your dad used to play on when he was in Jr. High. Unfortunately they lost. It's his first loss of the year. Grant had a good game though and he wasn't too sad. 

Grant is in blue playing center.
This is the same field Tim played football on when he went to Westside

Tuesday Grant had his last game. It was raining hard, but luckily they got to play at the high school on the turf.

The weather here is still a little warm, but actually pretty nice. It rains every couple of days so the grass is still green. I love this time of year.

Grandma just called me and she just left Kearney. Seth is supposed to be calling in the next half hour. I'm not sure she is going to make it in time. If he has time I will see if he can call her real quick.

So where will you be watching general conference? I’ll bet you are getting excited for that.

I sure love you!

Love Mom

Hey mom! I wish I could see Seth´s long hair. That is killing me. I can’t believe he is flying out already! That is awesome that grant played on the same field as dad even though he lost, no one else will be able to say that in our family. We are going to have transfers next week so this time next week I should know if I am staying or going. SHeesh, Time is flying by so fast. I can´t believe it. It is starting to scare me a little bit to be honest.

We will not be able to watch conference until next week because they are going to have their political elections this weekend and it is a law here that no public building is allowed to be opened, They are forced by law to vote. Haha so we have to wait to watch it at the church next week because we aren’t allowed to have any form of church service Saturday or Sunday.

I love you!

Elder J Hackleman

Letters from Peru Mon, Sept 22, 2014

We went to this place called La Caleta.
It is a huge dirt field by the beach that is covered in human bones.
Skulls, legs, arms, spines, everything you can imagine.

They say it is an old ancient Incan burial ground that has been raided.
 It is very odd to have a burial ground with human bones all over the place as a tourist attraction.

On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 8:01 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder J Hackleman,

How goes it? What's new in your neck of the woods?

We have had a good week. I started school last week and so far so good. I am just getting ready to start studying for the day, but decided I would write you first:)

Grant's football team has not lost a game. In fact they have had blowouts every single time. Last Tuesday's game they played some shotgun and he didn't miss a snap. He is turning into quite the offensive lineman. He did have a couple of botched snaps under center where he didn't complete the snap to the quarterback before he started getting into position for the nose-guard. Luckily we were able to hold on to the ball so all is well. He is still learning.

Nathan is talking about possibly going out for football next year as a kicker. We will see, but he has been missing it a little especially when he is at the games. The varsity team won again on Friday night.

Grandma Karen and Grandpa Roger are coming for a visit next week so they can see Grant's last game. That should be fun.

I sure love you!



Dear Mom,

We went to this place called La Caleta. It is a huge dirt field by the beach that is covered in human bones. Skulls, legs, arms, spines, everything you can imagine. Some of the skulls still have hair on them.

I don´t get it mom. Nathan misses football so he is thinking about trying out but as a kicker?!?!?!?!?! That is if Tom Cruise in Top Gun said, ´´I like planes, I think I would like to wash jets for the air force.´´ No, Tom Cruise didn´t wash them, he flew them, he was born to fly. Nathan was born to catch. I am coming back with a fierceness for that kid. He better be ready =)

In other news, WAY TO GO GRANT! It´s not very often we play for an undefeated team. My senior year couldn´t have been more opposite. Haha Love you mom!

Elder Hackleman