Monday, August 26, 2013

Elder Hackleman's Cousins on Missions

Elder Cook, Arizona

Hermana Beck and Hermana Peterson with the newest member of the Guntersville Ward! Her name is Seven and she is 11 years old!  Hermana Beck is serving in Alabama, Spanish Speaking

Elder Beck Currently at the Provo MTC, Sweden Mission, Also in the picture is Elder Tayson Beck who has returned from a Mission already, Argentina

This Weeks Photos From Peru

More from Elder Hackleman

Dear Elder,

So how was your week? I know you had a lot of investigators! How are they progressing? How is xxxx and his father? For some reason I'm always thinking about them. Maybe because xxxx is the first investigator that you told us about. I have to admit, I fear you may not be long for that area. Pops smells a transfer in your near future. Tell us how things are going! Your mom is going to share a very special photo with you. You are gonna love it!! It has to do with one of your brothers!!! Seth's first game is Friday and the Utes open their season against Utah State on Thursday!!! Wooooohoooooo!! Sorry Punkin! It's football season!!!

Anyway, things are going well here. Everyone is healthy and doing well. Except one minor thing with Seth. He has to have shoulder surgery. He's been dislocating it in practice. We took him into see a doctor at the same place as your knee doctor. Remember Dr. O'Malley? They said that the tendons holding it in place are shot and that he needs to have it done right after this season, if he can make it that long. The bad part is that he said it's a 6 month recovery. Anyway, they gave us a prescription for a brace that he can wear during games and practices. Seth said that it is helping him a lot! So that's a relief.

I hope you're staying healthy! You haven't had any more illness, have you?

Take care big guy! I sure do love you tiger!!


Hey dad! First of all. Don´t jinx me please. I love this area. Haha. We have three baptisms this saturday!!! I am so excited. Xxxx xxxx isn´t one of them though. Him and his dad are a process let me tell ya. But Satan isn´t giving up so we sure as heck aren’t. One of the investigators names is xxxxxx. He was a reference from a member in our ward. We have been teaching him for only just over two weeks and he is getting baptized! He really is that investigator that missionaries dream about. He prayed after our first lesson to know if our message and the Book of Mormon is true and the next lesson, He told us he got his answer and wants to be baptized! He is in his fifties. He has a wife and kids who are completely against his decision to be baptized but he knows that it is true and cannot change his mind. It is so amazing. But please pray for him and his family so that their hearts might be softened and they can feel of his example.

I hope Seth can make it through the season! How awful if his senior season ended in a surgery. I´ll pray for him. Nathan makes that number look better than I ever did!!!! Haha and Grant looks like a stud with a smile. Haha I have to admit, I would do anything within the confines of the commandments to be home during football season with you guys, but one important commandment is a full time mission, and I am definitely reaping the blessings already so I suppose I can wait. Haha I expect full scale reports of Utah, Nebraska, the scores of the BCS top 10 games, and random cool updates from the NFL every week please. I´m counting on you dad. Haha I love you!!!!!

Elder Hackleman

This week from Elder Hackleman

Elder Hackleman,

Hello, How is your week going? I had the privilege of speaking in church yesterday. I think I did ok. They had me give an update of how you are doing.

I know your dad talks a lot about the boys football so I will not tell you the same things, but just send you pictures.

Nathan is pretty excited he has number 89. He is such a mini Jaren. His humor and mannerisms have been shocking me lately. It's like you are in the room ha ha.

We went over to the Laws last night for dinner. They had a bunch of food from the baseball tournament this weekend. We had a great time. Tim cooked us all Philly Cheese sandwiches. Yum!

So, do you know where your receiver gloves are? Nathan would love to use them, but we haven't been able to find them anywhere. Did you hide them away somewhere special? Ha Ha.

This week the temperature is suppose to be in the upper 90s all week. We are melting. At night it is only getting down to about 75. Seth's game on Friday is going to be a hot one.

This Thursday we are having a special meeting at the stake center with a general authority. The ward council members are invited. All the stakes from the area will be coming. They are planning on the building being full. Should be fun:)

First Quorum of the Seventy Elder Lynn G. Robbins

I was looking through my purse this morning and found the last two Chick Fil A cards. I didn't even know I had any left. Score! I will have a sandwich today for you:)

I saw an article in the news this morning about how they are using drones to find cool monuments in Peru. I will put the story on your blog. It's kind of fun:)

We are starting to gear up for General Conference. I can't believe how much anticipation I always have for Conference. I can't wait to hear the latest and the greatest from the Church authorities. Will you be watching it at the church or how will you see conference? I remember Joel did not get to see it at all when he was on his mission. They had to wait until the conference ensign issue came out. I took the best notes I could and pouch mailed him the talks. Oh, how times have changed:)

Well, I sure love you!
Love, Mom

Good guts those are some handsome boys!!!! Nathan has my number and my cleats AND my hands!!!!! Haha Thats awesome. No mom sorry, I have no clue where my gloves are.
Grant and Seth look ready for the season if you ask me! 

In regards to conference, yeah we all watch it as a stake in the stake center. Apparently, in the past, the gringos go on splits and go upstairs to watch it together in english and they usually splurge and buy some snacks and drinks to sneak up there so we make sure were alert and attentive.

For real though, I feel the same way. I have never been so excited to hear from general authorities as I have been lately. We had a multi mission conference on saturday. The Lima North and Lima West mission went and listened to Elder Tad R. Callister from the Presidency of the 70 and Elder Grow from the Area 70. It was so awesome. They talked about a bunch of awesome stuff. Elder Callister can’t speak spanish so he had a translator there to help him. The whole experience was awesome. 

I am sure your talk was awesome! And I´m glad you guys had fun with the laws! It is cold here! Ok not cold but definitely not hot like Omaha right now.

Monday, 26
63° 57°

Mostly Sunny
precip 0%

Haha I love you guys. I have some awesome pics this week. The goofy one is to show all the weight I´ve lost. I´m down 4 belt loops from the MTC! Haha and it’s not because I’m starving don’t worry. I must have a tape worm or something I don’t know haha

This goofy picture is to show 4 belt loop sizes Down

Brothers Football Pictures

Grant got his gear.  Ready for 7th Grade Football

Nathan is Sporting his Brother Jaren's College 

Football Number 89.  Proud Freshman!

Seth's Senior Year!

Drones in Peru

Archaeologists use drones to map sites in Peru

Luis Jaime Castillo, a Peruvian archaeologist with Lima's Catholic University and an incoming deputy culture minister, flies a drone to take pictures of the archaeological site of San Jose de Moro in Trujillo, Peru.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Between Father and Son

Dear Elder Hackleman,

Tell us all about your birthday parties. Did they smash eggs on your head?

Saturday, on your birthday, we ended up having quite a crazy day. The battery in Trailblazer died while Seth was at football. So we went to the school to jump start it. We went to Auto Zone to buy a new one. Grant and I got it installed, but I wasn't paying attention and let the positive wire touch a wire going into the fuse panel. I didn't think anything of it until your mom, Grant and I backed out of the drive way to go to Sam's Club. I must have fried some wires. We didn't have any power to the dashboard lights, windows, air conditioning or door locks. When we got home I pulled every fuse, but none of them had been burned out. So now we have to take it in to the shop. Oh well.

Your mom was sustained as Relief Society President today in Church Sunday. She is going to be the best!!

The Allen's are moving next weekend.

I would like you to tell your Pensionista and her family how much we love them and appreciate them taking such good care of you. If we ever get to meet them, we will give them great big hugs!!

So I went with Tim Law to the Chiefs game. It was a blast! Alex did okay. The announcers were saying how they just need an offensive line and some receivers to show up and the team would be set!!!

Did all your investigators show up to your party? How is Elder Kitchens doing?

Love you son!


Hey dad! I answered alot of your questions in my email to mom but all in all, my birthday was so awesome. I got a stuffed llama and these cool pens from one of my investigators. Her name is Ruth. She’s 30. We have a baptism date set for her the 7th of september. I named my Llama Jenifer. Just so that we can have a girl in the room to talk to when times are tough. Haha Love you dad. Who did the Chiefs play? I´ll let my pensionista know but if you and mom and Joel and Ann come out, we can go visit them! Love ya.

Elder Hackleman

Elder Hackleman's Birthday Letter

Dear Family,

Grant! You´ll be an awesome tackle or tight end! I´m excited to hear how it goes. Nathan, Good guts bro, I wish I could be there to see you play. But I will be back in time for you to play varsity! WOO! Seth. I unfortunately will not be back in time to see you play varsity and you don´t realize how hard it is for me. I am so proud of all of you guys and how well you are doing with everything. It truly is a sacrifice being here because I miss all of you so much. But We will all be blessed in or family from the brother´s missions.

My birthday was so awesome. I love my area so much. Yes they did get me with eggs. They snuck the first one on me and after, I was a good sport since i was already gross to let everyone else who wanted to have their turn. Haha Something else they do here for birthdays is everyone who is at the party gives their thoughts and a bunch of other really nice things about the person whose birthday it is and everything. There were so many people at mine that they didn’t have time for everyone to share something so they had a representative from each family say something. It was so nice of them. A couple of the sisters sang me a song too. That was cool. Haha And Elder Kitchens came! Him being a zone leader and all, he pulled some strings. His birthday is the 26 of august! It was soo cool. The coolest part though was that a bunch of our investigators came too. We invited all of them but the whole day, I doubted that they would come but a bunch did! We have baptismal dates for 2 of them the end of this month. As a missionary, There is no better gift than the company of your investigators and to see them enjoying themselves and creating friendships within the ward.

Here are some pics from the night. The egg pic is sick! There is an egg in the air! Haha

Love you guys!

Elder Hackleman

A Peruvian Tradition.  On your birthday everyone smashes eggs on your head.

This is Elder Kitchens.  He was Elder Hackleman's 1st companion in Peru.     He is now zone leader so he pulled some strings so he could be back in the area for Elder Hackleman's Birthday Bash.    These two are Best Buds!

The Poster is Awesome!  Even though he is 20 rather than 19:)

Lots of Goodies!

Birthday Presents From an Investigator Named Ruth

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy 20th Birthday Elder Hackleman

Happy Birthday Elder Hackleman
August 17th Isn't the
Same Without You
We Love You!
From Tim, Amy, Seth, Nathan and Grant

75,000 Missionaries

Mormon Missionary Milestones: 75,000

Monday, August 12, 2013

This Week From Peru

To Elder Hackleman From Seth

Football is starting up this week. We have practice Monday and Tuesday normal time. School starts for me on Wed so then we will have practice after school. I was contacted by Northwest Missouri State asking for a link to my game film. 

I'll keep you updated with all my football stuff, it is finally starting to really get going.

Love you. Keep working hard in Peru.


To Seth from Elder Hackleman,

Hey broski! Yes please keep me updated on everything. Send me game film if you can. It´s ok for me to watch it. My mission president is an Alabama boy. He feels my pain. Haha Good luck buddy. Your senior year. I can´t believe it. Study your guts out. The better your grades are now, the more fun you will have in college. 

4 things to focus on

Your Priesthood responsibilities


School work 


In that order. Notice I didn´t mention girls. I know exactly where your at right now and my advice is that I know girls are fun and going on dates is awesome. And that´s fine, but for real. They will be there after your mission. I wish someone would have really explained that to me. Take it from your not so big bro who knows. I love you buddy. I pray for you guys every day. Until Next week!!!

Elder Hackleman  (The first of many)

To Elder Hackleman, from mom,

We had a great week with Jeremy and his family. We went to the zoo, and all the local church history sites. Little Zerik is so much fun to be around. I love to listen to him talk. His little mind is always racing. Samee told me they were driving past the hospital where he had his appendix taken out and he asked her, what did they do with my appendix? She told him they threw it away. The next time they drove past the hospital he said, "There is the hospital that through my appendix away like it was nothing." So funny.
Zerik Beck

We went to Seth and Nathan's football meeting with the coaches last night. We are sure looking forward to the up and coming season. 

Tomorrow the kids start school. It feels like the summer has buzzed past so fast. We sure have had a good one though.

I sure love you!

Love Mom

To Elder Hackleman From Grant

Hey bro.  Jeremy got home Saturday. I had a bunch of fun with them. We did a lot of stuff, like we went to the zoo and the pool. Some days we just stayed home and chelaxed. 

When they were leaving, right before they left we went to the movie with them. Me, Ryker and Zerik watched Despicable Me 2. The rest watched Red 2. I thought the movie was a little short for some reason, but maybe not, I'm not sure. After the movie, we walked over to Culvers while everyone else was still watching their movie, but we accidentally went the wrong way so we had to go all the way around and come back to it. Zerik was wearing crocks and there wasn't really a sidewalk and it hurt his feet, so me and Ryker had to take turns carrying him. 

One day Zerik asked his mom, "how many more sleeps do we have?" What he really wanted to know was how many more nights until we go home. At the family reunion he went to Uncle Jared and asked him, "Hey uncle, I want some steak." So obviously we had to make stake for him:)

Seth would every once in a while give Jaiten a leg workout. Seth wanted to play football with Jaiten. Ryker didn't want to, but Jaiten said he hardly could lift his arms because Seth gave him an arm workout, so he had a hard time catching the ball.  So that's about it.
Love you.

To Elder Hackleman From Nathan,

Hey bro, hope you are having a good time in Peru. I fasted for you Sunday, just that you wouldn't get eaten by any wild dogs. Grant fasted for you too. But, probably not for the same reason. Keep it real.


To the Family,
Hey guys! I wrote a pretty long letter to dad so you guys can read it and see how I´m doing but in short. I´m doing great! Spanish is awesome and my investigators are sweet. Sounds like Zerick is turning into quite a jokester. I talked to Jaiten a couple times about football when I was living in Idaho. I hope Seth helped him want to play some more. That would be awesome for him. Grant. I heard Despicable Me 2 

is hilarious. It’s called Mi Villano Favorito Dos in spanish. In english it means My Favorite Villain 2. They change the meanings of the titles of movies in spanish alot. I don´t know why they don´t just translate it directly. haha Love you buddy! Study hard and good luck in School!

Nathan, I am so excited to hear how your first year of high school football goes. I have one piece of advice, a quote that I am taking from one of the coolest card games/tv shows of my generation. ¨Gotta catch em all!¨.....Pokemon! 

Haha I can´t wait to hear what you think of seminary too. Seminary is awesome. Learn as much as you can because everything taught in seminary, you will use on your mission. Love you bro! Love you all!!!!!!

Elder Hackleman

Hey Dad! 

That’s good you guys had fun with jeremy and samee. I can´t believe school is starting up for the chillins again! Summer feels like it flew by! We have transfers tomorrow. My companion, Elder Acero, and I are going to stay together in the same area though. I am very grateful for that because he is an awesome comp and I have tons of work to do still in this area. And my ward all knows me and I have a huge birthday party coming up that they are doing I guess. 

Haha I´m excited. Birthdays are a big deal here I guess. Yeah I am going to buy a new watch today and maybe some other little things. My watch broke. I guess target watches aren’t meant to last two years. Haha Addressing the spanish, for real dad I can safely say that I am fluent. I don´t want to brag about it or anything because I know that I can give next to no credit to myself because the Lord has his hand in all of my work, but it is so cool. I am still learning tons about the language every day but my companion says I am killing it. The norm for missionaries to speak and understand spanish comfortably is at the 6 month mark of the mission. To speak fluently, usually they have a year in the mission and a year and a half is when they usually have perfect pronunciation without a gringo accent. Everyone I talk to says my pronunciation is perfect. I understand everything and people never have a hard time understanding me. I speak simply. I don´t have complex spanish down yet but conversations are a breeze. I definitely have been blessed beyond comprehension.

I sure do love you guys! Have a good week!

Elder Hackleman

I forgot to tell ya! I spoke in church for the first time yesterday. It was awesome. I was supposed to speak for 10 minutes, I ended up speaking for almost 20. OOPS! I guess I have the same problem with spanish as I do with english when it comes to giving talks haha. I spoke on missionary work. I said ¨Estoy muy agradecidos por la oportunidad a hablar con ustedes hoy sobre esto subjetivo. Es algo muy cerca de mi coraz√≥n.¨ It means, I am very grateful for the opportunity to speak with you all about this topic. It is something very close to my heart.....When I said that, I guestured to my heart and everyone laughed because they thought I was guesturing to my plaque. 

It literally is close to my heart. Haha I love my mission!!!!!!!!!!!! I love ya´ll!

Elder Hackleman

I had to catch a bird that was stuck inside someone´s house the other day. They only have a roof on half of their house. Even people that live in the giant city of Lima have pretty humble lifestyles sometimes. But yeah it was sweet! Haha

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Becks and Hackleman's Mormon Pioneer Tour

Hand Cart

Favorite Country, PERU!

Omaha Mormon Trail Center, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Jerik sits next to an original copy of The Book of Mormon

In front of the Salt Lake Temple Replica at the Omaha Trail Center

Kainesville Tabernacle

Kainesville, Iowa, Where Brigham Young Ordained a Prophet

Monday, August 5, 2013

This weeks letters to and from our missionary

Elder Hackleman,
How in the world are you?  We are so excited because Jeremy, Sammee and all the family is here visiting. We are going to the zoo today.  Little Jerik is so much fun.  We can't even keep up with all his funny sayings.  
 I was making puffed pancakes for breakfast this morning, after I put them in the oven I jumped into the shower.  In the mean time the pancakes burned and set off the fire alarms.  Now that's a great welcoming way to enjoy guests ha ha.

Our computer was running real slow and seemed to have a virus even though we have run the geek squad system on it over and over.  Jeremy spent about a half an hour cleaning it up and now it is running like a speed car.  Awesome!

I sure love you!


Elder Hackleman, from Seth. Hey bro! I miss you so much! I hope your having the time of your life! Hey quick question, whatd you do with your ipod? i cant find it haha. football starts on monday (like actual practices) and then we play the monarchs on the 30th. we should be able to beat them this year! we have a good team from what i can tell right now! i'l keep you updated with our season. last week i benched 300! i'm still at 455 for squat sadly but i'm still the highest on the team! one kid got 430 so he's the second highest. hang clean is at 250 now, not the best but im getting better! we have a scrimage coming up so we are getting excited for that! i love you buddy! keep up the hard work!

From Nathan: BRO!!!!!!!! hows Peru? is it like... awesome? So im gonna be starting Z reciever probs and next year im gonna try for starrting varsity reciever so pretty much... I CANT WAIT, gotta go hard this season ;). so uhhhh... nice talkin to ya and have the time of your life!!!!! C ya lates bro!!

From Grant:  Yo Jar what's up dog?  Sure am missing you.  We are going to the zoo today.  The bishop asked us to finish the book of mormon this summer, but I am only in Enos, so I have a long way to go.  Remember that lady that always wore a bandana in her hair and we thought she was sort of crazy.  Well she died from a semi running over her.  So that's pretty crazy.

We are going to the temple for baptisms for the dead with Jaiten and them on Tuesday.  So that will be really cool going with my cousins to the temple.  It is Rykers first time so it will be a good experience for him.  

The one thing I want most when you come back is a dollar of the Peruvian money.

When I went to Hawaii the first thing I did was snorkel.  Then the next day I went paddle boarding, you know the stand up on a surfboard almost and paddle yourself.  That hurt a lot afterwards because it made me sore.  Then we changed to the condo and that felt like it was haunted because the stairs would creek and there were bugs everywhere, but we lived.  I got this really cool ball that Nathan was talking about, you might have seen it.  It's called wobabo ball.  Seth sells them at Bed Bath and Beyond.  So then we went surfing and I got up the first try but I didn't go very far.  So I was a natural.  That's what they called me.  What instructor did you have when you had the surfing lessons.  Because my instructor might have had you.  His name was Pa Ah.  It's short for something I just can't remember.  

We had really good puffed pancakes that mommy made for breakfast.  

So that's about all.  Hope to see you in 1 and 3/4 of years.

Love you Grant

Dear Family,
HAHA! This letter is the best letter ever! It´s so good to hear from all of you! I have no idea where my ipod is seth sorry. haha Yes Nathan Peru is awesome. Z Reciever!!!! That´s what they were changing me to at SVU if I would have stayed! That´s awesome bro! Grantee. You kept up the streak of getting up on the first try surfing! All 4 of us are naturals! I hope you guys are having fun with Jeremy and Sammee and the family. It looks like Mom spells Zerick´s name about as well as Jeremy. It was something different in every one of the letters. Haha 

So I met with President Archibald for our interviews for the first time on friday. It was so awesome. The man is at one with the Spirit I know that for sure. He helped me out a ton on what things I can do to be a better missionary. 

I jinxed myself last week when I told dad all is well with health. I had the worst fever of my life and was bed ridden for like 2 and a half days. I´m on the mend now so its all good. 

I was asked to give a talk 2 weeks ago for what I thought was this week but it was actually for next week because this week is fast sunday. But I totally spaced that fast sunday is fast and testimony meeting so we got to church early and I went to sit up on the stand and sat there until about 2 minutes before the meeting started when I remembered what the clank day it was. It was pretty embarrassing because I could tell the bishopric was getting a good laugh out of it. Haha 

We had 5 investigators in sacrament meeting yesterday. They were are all new to us as missionaries too and we have appointments scheduled to meet and teach every one of them this week. I´m way excited about it because they´re all awesome. Love you guys!!!!! Grant, you may need to start helping mom with the swedish pancake action if you know what I´m sayin, I want to come home to a house, not a piece of rubble. haha Love you all!

Elder Hackleman

New Temple Film

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mormon Missionary Dies

Mormon missionary's brother shares miracle preceding his death, pays tribute to his life

By Robert Burton
For the Deseret News
Published: Thursday, Aug. 1 2013 2:00 p.m. MDT
Updated: 3 hours ago

Yet by the time my mom arrived in Dallas, Josh's progress had taken a turn for the worse. Due to swelling of his brain resulting from the concussion, Josh's lungs and heart began to fail. After all the doctor's efforts to resuscitate him, Josh passed away at 11:15 p.m. on Monday.
In the days that followed Josh's death, many friends and family arrived at our home to offer their condolences. In each visit, the comforters become the comforted as my dad shared the tender mercies he and my mom saw in Josh's passing.
"When the Lord showed us the miracle recovery of Josh's back, he let us and everyone that prayed for Josh know he heard our prayers. There's no doubt about that. But God knew it was Josh's time, so once he'd shown us, he called Josh home," my dad said.
For the third child in our family, Elder Denny Burton, who reported to the MTC on the same day as Josh and who now serves in the Belgium Netherlands Mission, the gospel of Jesus Christ gives the right perspective to his grief. "I've always known the gospel plan was true. So I realize this isn't a test of my faith, it's just a test of my patience."
Josh was the second oldest of nine children and was homeschooled through elementary, middle and high schools. Upon his return from missionary service, he planned on studying music and business.
Josh's two maxims were "life is music" and "live life to the fullest," and he worked hard to put these into practice. As a young teenager, Josh first discovered the magic of Fredric Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu" and began filling his life with classical mentors like Beethoven, Grieg, Ravel and Rachmaninov.
From that point forward, Josh drank, ate and breathed classical music. As an accomplished pianist, he began composing for the piano, and in the summer of 2010, Josh packed Cardston's Carriage House Theatre for his first concert of his own compositions. Josh moved his audience from laughter to tears as he shared both the excitement and the depth of feeling he found in music. To the delight of his audience, he even did a back flip in his suit pants and dress shoes.
That same year, Josh produced and distributed his first CD, "Sketches," which he made available on YouTubeand iTunes. He then went door to door in Cardston and surrounding communities, selling his CDs to earn money for his mission.
In his compositions, Josh sought to express what mattered most to him, feelings he could only describe through music.
"If you listen, really listen," Josh promises in his CD's dedication, "I think you will hear something more than just notes on a piano, something deeper within the music. And my hope is that you will be better for having heard it."
In all of his endeavors, Josh's goal was to uplift others. On one occasion, a mother in Cardston saw a young man walk past her little girl in the yard. Several minutes later, the mother saw the young man return, hand her girl an ice cream cone and walk on. When she asked her daughter, "Who was that?" she replied, "Josh Burton."
During his lucid moments in the hospital, Josh's chief concern was for his investigators and fellow missionaries.
"He kept asking for his planner," Dr. Cameron said.
At his funeral on Monday, a table displayed many of Josh's personal articles. In the center were his missionary shoes, worn and cracked from so much walking, calling to mind President Kimball's declaration, "My life is like my shoes, to be worn out in service."
As Josh's older brother, I find it nearly impossible to paint the life of my best friend in so few words. Yet those who knew Josh will attest that his life was his message. He loved deeply, lived fully and served faithfully.
I am proud of my three brothers serving as missionaries: one in the Netherlands, one on his way to Mexico and one wherever God may send him.