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Letters from Dad 6-16-2014

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 8:36 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder Hackleman,

How was your week? Did you ever get your camera to work? Well, yesterday was Father's Day and your mom and dad's anniversary! We have been married for 25 years!! I don't know how she puts up with me! To help celebrate, I dumped cold water on her while she was in the shower. She loved it!!! NOT. That's what I call true love! Wow, so you're in a Branch eh? Well, you know what that's like. Have they given you a calling? We had a great week. OUR HOUSE IN SIDNEY CLOSED!!!! Yay!!! It'll be such a huge relief. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Everyone here is doing great. Nathan started his second, and final, Basketball camp today. He's frustrated because he doesn't know the plays, but he's not giving up. Grant is doing awesome. Seth is working three days at the fields with Tim Law and 3 days at Bed, Bath and Beyond. He's slowly accumulating the stuff that he needs to take on his mission. Your mom and I are setting aside our Peru money so that we have it for our trip! I'm not gonna lie, you're dad is a well travelled man, but this trip is scaring me to death!! But I'm so excited at the same time!!

I have some bad news. World Champion San Antonio Spurs. They beat the Heat 4-1. Two of the four wins were by 20 pts!! The Heat's only win was by 2 pts!

Anyway, tell us what's happening! In a couple months, yours and Seth's names will be side by side in the Ward Bulletin's Full-time Missionary section.

¡Ámele hijo!


Oh my word I am so happy that the house closed! That is so fantastic! It is probably the only thing that could quench the pain of the heat losing. I think it is because I wasn’t there that’s all. They will make a comeback when I get home. Haha Don´t worry about the trip. Even at the airport in Lima, you pretty much don´t have to know any Spanish. haha do you think Joel and Ann will be able to come too or probably not? Either way, I have been doing some asking around to try and get an idea of what machu picchu is like for tourists. It is pretty far from lima. You can get there by bus or by plane but everyone says take a plane even though it is more expensive because the roads from lima to cusco are treaturous. and I would imagine they´d be bad with people who actually know how to drive. Haha So you guys should check on that kind of stuff and hotels and what have you to kind of get an idea on prices. I have heard rumors of a tour service called moroni tours that supposedly takes you up to machu picchu on a tour but one run by members of the church. That would be something right there. Also, ask President Reinhart what its the details are on how/when i would be released because he holds the keys for that, not even my president does. And I am not sure how it works if he is able to delegate the authority to my president to release me here or if I just don´t get released until I am home. I am not really sure how that works but yea. I sure love you dad!

Elder Hackleman (The first)

June 16, 2014 Letters

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 8:49 AM, Amy wrote:

Elder Hackleman,

I guess you heard the bad news, The Heat choked. Labron played well and made a lot of points but the Heat got stomped by the Spurs. Game over.

In other news, Nichole Uhl is engaged. She looks very happy in her pictures so that is good.

Seth is working a lot lately. 6 days a week, every other day for Bed Bath and Beyond and at the Tim Law’s baseball fields. He is running the t-shirt press.

Becky took Nathan and Grant out to the fields and let them go down the slide with her kids. They sure had a lot of fun.

Nathan has another basketball camp to go to this week.

Nathan was asked to give his testimony during church yesterday about scout camp. He did a great job.

We had a pretty low key father's day. We put a roast in the crock pot, so after church we ate then watched a few movies. You are going to love this, we watched Saturday's Warrior. Ha Ha. I remember you singing, "There is a Distant Lamp, that Lights the Way for Me, I hope they hold it high so I can see," Good times.

Then in the evening Seth and I went out with the Sister missionaries for an appointment that we got stood up for. Oh well, we had a family that I had gone to with the sisters about a month ago that we could not get into the door. The wife had been taking the lessons about a year ago, but they weren't really very interested. They were just real nice. Anyway, we knocked their door and the husband answered a month back. He was so nice, we invited him to church and he kindly said he wasn't interested. The problem is, I could not get this family off of my mind, so I asked the sisters if we could try them again with Seth. The husband is Mexican and he is an interpreter. I also saw a Nebraska flag on their house and asked if he was a fan and he told me just of the football. I was quick to observe and knew that Seth was the key to getting in the door.

Yesterday, we went back and this time the wife answered and she was the only one home. She was kind, but not interested, so I played the Seth card. I explained that he was going on a mission in August to Mexico and would really love to get some tips on learning Spanish from her husband. Now we hit a cord. She invited us back when her husband was home. She agreed for her and her husband to take the missionary lessons and help Seth learn some of the language in Spanish.

I do love missionary work. It is in my blood. As a ward council we are reading a book called, "The Power of Everyday Missionaries." by Clayton M Christensen. It has the What and How of Sharing the gospel. It is so awesome. There are couple of points that stand out in the book that I would love to share with you. First of all, it talks about how the majority of people you meet do not know how to pray or read from the scriptures. As far as prayer goes, many churches have recited prayers so even if they are church going people, they do not know how to pray for themselves. Spending an entire lesson teaching the proper way to pray and receive answers is vital to missionary work. He suggests that you always assume a person does not know how to pray and automatically incorporate the how to pray as part of your missionary lesson. Secondly, even avid readers do know really know how to read the scriptures to get answers to questions and prayers. Reading scriptures is not like reading a novel so an alternate way to read scriptures would be a wise thing to teach as well.

It is suggested in the book that you start off a meeting with a question to the investigator to have them tell you what doctrinal questions they have in their life. After you have a question from the investigator, give them a homework assignment to find the answer. For instance if they wonder about baby's getting baptized, share with them the scriptures in Mosiah 18:1-16 and Moroni 8. Then write a 2 paragraph answer to each of these questions:

1. Why does it make God so angry when people baptize little children?

2. Why does God want us to be baptized in the first place?

3. What is the process by which we come to be forgiven of our sins?

To get the answers go through these steps:

1. Pray on your knees, aloud, telling God that you got this homework assignment. Ask him to help you understand the chapters as you read them.

2. Read the chapters

3. Write your answers in draft form to the 3 questions.

4. Kneel again in verbal prayer and explain to God the answers you have written, just as if you were talking to Him face to face.

5. Read the chapters again.

6. Revise your answers based upon your deeper understanding.

7. Kneel again and pray a 3rd time. This time you need to ask God if the things that you have written are true.

I am going to use this the next time I am in a teaching situation.

I sure love You!

Love Mom

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 11:14 AM, Elder Hackleman wrote:

This is my cow. Her name is Tomasa. Ok she isn´t mine but we visit her often when we go to a sister´s house that we are teaching. She has some other farm friends that live there too. Those pigs that my companion and I are holding were born during our lesson!!!!!!! Haha so we had to go grab them and take a snap shot or two. Haha

Hey mom!!! I sure feel a bit of a different spirit in your letter and in dad´s could it be that you just had a huge financial strain lifted from your shoulders????!!!! WOOOO!!!! Hhaha that is so awesome. I am stoked that Nicole got engaged as well. Haha is it to the guy she´s been dating since forever? Help Nathan anyway you can mom, every chance you get, take him out to shoot hoops. Give him a few pointers but not too many. He knows alot and he knows what he is doing. He just needs the encouragement because something Seth and I have both gone through is at his age, we greatly undermined our potential in things. We lacked alot of self confidence, the faster nathan can find that, the faster he will grow to be a great young man. As you can see, I am not even talking about just basketball or even just sports. Nathan has more potential than probably any one of us to turn into someone really special. It can come through sports, by gaining self confidence and realizing how much worth he has to his family and the entire clanking world when he invents a time machine or something! He´s growing up fast and so is grant. Seth already got there. There is no right of mine to be able to call him a kid still. He is a man. I have thought so much about my brothers this week. All three of them. For being the oldest, I sure do feel like I have three examples bigger than me in those guys. We would be nowhere though if it weren´t for our mom and dad. It has made me realize that it just may be that we weren´t just randomly placed together in the same family. I often recall the words of an old friend of mine, he said it before he even came here to earth oddly enough. ¨What is that sound? Rising up from the world. It´s the sound, of a clock, ticking on.¨ Time is ticking and my brothers are growing up. Grant for sure could beat me up now if he wanted to. Luckily for me the kid has no evil bone in his body. =) I sure do love you mom. I hope you don´t forget either, even though it passed yesterday, what a perfect choice you made 25 years ago in being sealed to our dad. He´s done so much for our family and is one who is never heard complaining. When he had jobs he didn´t like, he still got up in the morning and went to work, many times fighting his lazy kids to get up and get ready for school haha but never complained. I can work here on my mission with alot of peace in my heart knowing that my mom is protected back home by a dad who loves her in a way that only a couple people could understand, Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus Christ. I sure love my family!

Oh yeah! And wanna know something crazy, that book that your reading in ward council, I have it =) You´ll never guess who bought it for me either........ Grandma Karen!!!!

Elder Hackleman

This is my cow. Her name is Tomasa. Ok she isn´t mine but we visit her often when we go to a sister´s house that we are teaching.

Those pigs were born during our lesson!!!!!!

I love Bacon!

June 4, 2014 Letters

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 8:04 AM, Amy wrote:

What a week we have had. Friday we had a surprise birthday party for Nathan. In order to pull it off, I had so many lies going it was crazy. I couldn't wait for the party so I could get out from under all of my lies ha ha. It ended up being even better than I had thought it would. Tim Law brought over his shaved ice truck and served up some yummy treats. It really was a huge hit. We were at the volleyball field up the street from our house.

A few hours before the party we were talking to Nathan about his birthday on Wed and I told him I would bring a birthday cake to scout camp for everyone. He told me I could bring cake, but not to tell anyone it was his birthday, because he didn't want anyone to know it was his birthday. I thought, oh, no, he has no idea what is coming in a few short hours. I thought he might be mad at me. Well, it was so much fun and he admitted it was fun to be surprised. I think he has been flying under the radar lately with not much attention going his way, so it was about time he had his own day to shine.

I will send pictures in a separate email so it doesn't slow up this email. We had a car stop by wanting to buy some shaved ice. It was funny, so we talked Tim into bringing the trailer over on Saturday and park it next to our house. He made almost 300 bucks in about 3 1/2 hours. There was a steady stream of people. All of the sudden a downpour of rain came out of nowhere so Nathan and Tim were packing up to finish for the day and before they could get everything put away, the rain stopped and more people came to buy some shaved ice. It really was a hit. We are trying to talk Tim into parking the trailer at our house every weekend until he finds a permanent spot for it.

So the boys are off at scout camp. I know your dad told you about it so I won't say much, except to say that Tim has worked so hard to get everything ready for the mission blitz/service project being done today. He is doing such a great job.

Nathan is starting basketball camp at the school today. We will drive him back and forth to scout camp. I hope they see is potential :)

So Grandma Polly flies home today. She has been so sweet all month. We will miss her. We have had a great time going to the zoo a bunch :)

Did you get transferred?

I sure love you!


Color Throwing

Nathan's 15th Birthday Party - Dashed with Color Powder

Shave Ice

Now That is One Happy Birthday Boy

Everyone Loves Shaved Ice

After Dark We Played Dodge Ball with Glow In The Dark Bracelets


Hey mom! Sorry! It has been a crazy few days. So first off, I didn´t write Monday because the entire city of Huaraz´s internet system went out. I couldn´t get permission to write home until today. Secondly, I got transferred. I am happy but a little bummed as well, not going to lie. I miss Huaraz. I was so lucky to be sent there. Haha Now I am working in an area called Pueblo Supe, Barranca. It´s on the beach! Elder Kitchens, my trainer and best friend, just got sent to Huaraz. How is that for luck? He gets sent there the day I leave. Anyway, my new companion´s name is Elder Sandoval. He is from Chile. He is really cool. He is a little quiet and keeps to himself a lot which I must admit, I love about him.

That party you threw for Nathan looks like it was soo fun! I have never been in those color fights. They look awesome though! Well I don´t have much time but next week I will send you some pictures. I love you!

Elder Hackleman

Monday, June 2, 2014