Thursday, June 27, 2013

Regulations for Pouch Mail

iconInstructions for making a three-fold letter:
• Lay the blank side of the single-sheet letter facing down with the writing facing you.
• Fold the top of the letter about one-third of the way down, and crease.
• Fold the bottom of the letter to the top of the first fold, and crease.
• Use two pieces of tape or two sticker tabs on the top to secure it, not more than one inch from each side, but do not seal the ends.
• Do not include any other item in the letter such as printed pictures, currency or medication, etc.
• In the top left corner, write the return address.
• Affix a stamp in the top right corner
• In the middle of the sheet, write:
Missionary's name
MTC or Mission name
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, Ut 84130-0150

Hey there Delilah (I'm at the MTC)

Singing Elders

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

LDS Church Meetinghouses Open for Tours

LDS Church Meetinghouses around the World will       Soon be Opened for Guided Tours by Missionaries

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Note From Elder Hackleman Re: Labron

YEEEEAAHHH! My boy lebron pulling through in the clutch like always! haha Make sure to say these exact words to Joel. I told you so. =) Haha that pic is cool too!

This Week's Letters

Sunday, June 23

Dear Elder Punkin Sonshine,

Wow! Your mom and I watched the special broadcast from Provo tonight. Did you get to see it? It was so awesome!! I started to cry when they showed a Stake Presidency from the Magdalena (I think) Stake in Lima Peru! All I could think about was that you could have been in the other room watching at the same time! Then I started to cry again when they showed all of the missionaries in the Marriott Center. Thousands of them. It makes me so proud to know that you are out there serving the Lord and the people of Lima. I saw all those new mission presidents sitting on the floor thinking to myself... Somewhere in there is Jaren's new President! Then I started to cry again.

Your youngest brother got called today to be 1st Counselor in the Deacon's Quorum presidency. He's so excited. Nathan and I are Home Teaching companions. After Tuesday night we will have 100% Home Teaching done for June. Nathan is really a great home teacher. I can tell how the spirit influences him when we're done with our visits. Speaking of home teaching, Bro. Brandvold was asking how you are doing tonight. We told him you were having a ball.

So how was your week? Did you find any new investigators? Your mom and I have been wondering how the Spanish is coming? I bet you're getting better every week. How's the food so far? You haven't gotten sick yet have you???? Do you take your UV bottle with you? I took your mom to lunch the other day at your favorite... Chik-fil-a. All I could think about was how you'll probably come home and eat all the waffle fries! hahaha.

This past week a Missionary from Salt Lake was killed serving in Guatamala. He was serving a member by fixing a leaking roof when he was electrocuted. It made me so sad, but knew that he died exhibiting the pure love of Christ. Your mom read that there have been several earthquakes in Lima! Did you guys feel any of them??? We loved the pictures that you sent us last week. I also read somewhere that they were splitting your mission. Is that true? I know lots of questions!!

Any way, I'll work on a new lesson for you next week. Thanks for such an inspiration for me!

Ámele hijo

Hey pops! Wow, yea I saw the broadcast. I have to admit, I was a little jealous that I wasn´t back at the mtc for it. The week after I left was the first week where they changed all the missionary devotionals at the mtc to the marriot center because there are too many of them! That´s so awesome! Yeah the stake they showed wasn´t by me. It was a surprise to all of us in my stake watching too. Everyone cheered right there in the chapel. Haha I´m so proud of Grant and Nathan. They are both growing up so fast. Yes I have my bottle but I haven´t had to use it yet because we have filtered water jugs in our room. We had transfers last week and I got a new companion! His name is Elder Acero. Elder Kitchens got called to be a zone leader so he left. but he is literally my best friend. we have a bucket list of all the things were going to do after we get home. haha 

but My spanish is coming fast. its crazy. I haven´t spoken english in a week. The gift of tongues is definitely making itself evident. Dang I miss Chik filet though! 

Yeah our pensionista told us about that elder. That is awful. But at the same time, it reminds me of those 18 boys that carried all the saints across that freezing river. Eternal blessings will come to that Elder, I know it. But I have definitely been praying for his family. They aren´t SPLITTING our mission but boundaries are getting rearranged. We are losing a couple areas here and gaining some there. We are getting a new area called Juaraz. (I think thats how its spelled) It´s like a 10 hr drive north of lima up in the mountains. I want that to be my last area before i go home haha. because the months before I end my mission is summer here so it will be blazing hot. And if I´m climbing mountains every day, I will be in great shape when you  guys come out here! haha Anyway, quick funny story.So the word Acero (My new companion´s name) in Spanish means, Iron. So everyone we meet calls him Hombre de Acero, Iron Man. 

Haha also, a trend has started with me too. Everyone calls me elder Hulk. Not because I am muscular like that lol but because my name is hard for them to pronounce so when they try to say it, it usually comes out like Hulk. Also, I am taller than all of Peru so I am huge to them and I´m a gringo. Green is one of the only colors they know in english so since I´m a ´´Greengo¨ the name has now been created. Oh...and I accidently broke the key to my pensionist´s house trying to open the door. Haha They don’t have doorknobs here. You can only get in AND out of the house with a key. So yeah that wasn´t good. I felt so bad. But anyway, They call us the Avengers companionship. haha Its awesome. haha 

I love you dad! Hasta la proxima lunes!

Elder Hackleman

AH! mamma That is so awesome! I am so happy to hear about my family helping out the giant missionary army! We can no longer say we are few and far between in the world. the missionary presence is definitely making itself known! Wasn´t that broadcast awesome!!!!!! I have a new companion! His name is Elder Acero ( Elder Iron in english haha) He is from Chimbote Peru. I have not spoken english in a week. My spanish is coming faster than dad and Tim can drive to the chiefs game when they go! Haha 

I sure do love you! Thank you for everything you have done for me. I think about you every day! Tell my brothers to keep up the good work! 

Elder Hackleman 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Using Technology to Invite Others to Follow Jesus Christ

Using Technology to Invite Others to

Follow Jesus Christ

Elder Perry also announced changes Sunday in how missionaries will spend their time finding people to teach. Because many people prefer to connect online, missionaries will use the Internet and digital devices in their ministry, Elder Perry said. He noted that missionaries will use “, Facebook, blogs, email, … text messages” and other platforms to reach out to people. “The Church must adapt to a changing world,” Elder Perry said.

Friday, June 21, 2013

King James

Elder Hackleman Loved Watching Labron James

Play Basketball before his mission.

Yesterday Labron Won the National Championship.  

Elder Hackleman Won't even know about it until next

Preparation Day when he checks email.  His priorities have changed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Missions are Full of Ups and Downs

“Just when all seems to be going right,
Challenges often come in Multiple Doses
Applied Simultaneously
When those trials are Not
Consequences of
Your Disobedience,
They are Evidence that the Lord
Feels you are prepared to Grow More.
He therefore gives you Experiences
that Stimulate Growth,
Understanding, and Compassion
Which Polish you for your
Everylasting Benefit.” 
― Richard G. Scott

Thank You!

Joel Beck You Rock! Thank You For Paying
For Elder Hackleman's Mission for the Month
of July so The Hackleman Family Can Make a
Trip to Idaho to Attend the Family Reunion:)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Photos From Peru

Letters to and from Peru

Elder Hackleman,
Hope you have had a great week.  Ours has been an eventful one.  Seth worked a lot both at Bed Bath and Beyond but also at the baseball fields.  I went to the opening ceremonies and watched Austin and Addie sing the national anthem.  They did an awesome job.

Wed. we had an investigator at our house for a lesson.  It was his 2nd lesson.  The sisters tracted him out.  He is really awesome.  Seth sat in on the lesson as well.  

 The Hadley's blessed their baby during sacrament meeting because Mike is being deployed before fast sunday.  It was an awesome Sunday full of great things.  

Your dad and I had our 24 wedding anniversary on Saturday.  He got us club tickets to the 1st College World Series game.  It was so much fun!

Nathan is enjoying football.  It was so funny, he told me the freshman stand on the side whenever the varsity football players walk past.  It is sort of like a parade, ha ha.  Seth hit him on the shoulder as he passed by.  All the kids were envious of him for having a cool brother.  I never thought I would be happy to hear that Seth hit his brother ha ha.

I can't remember if I told you that Gma is taking Grant to Hawaii in July.  He is so excited!

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade scored 25 points each during the game last night, and Allen brought 21 off the bench, but the defense wasn't there throughout the game.   The Heat lost game 5 to the Spurs so now they go back to Florida for game 6 and if they win game 7.

Love you and can't wait to hear from you.  Hopefully pictures!


Hey mom! That´s awesome that you have lessons at the house. I can stand as a personal witness now that missionary work can only be as successful as the members of the wards are. They are a huge part. We had two baptismal dates for this week but they both fell through so that was hard on us, but we are still working hard and I know that we will have success. 

How awesome are those seats that dad gets from OTC! I bet you guys had a blast. And also, I don’t think you could have gotten dad a better Father´s day present. I am sure that he is stoked.

It sounds like Seth is really starting to take Nathan under his wing. I am so happy to hear that. I was worried how both of them being in high school would play out but now I know I don´t have to. I am also glad that Nathan is having fun in football. I know I´m a broken record but he really has the stuff to be something in football like Seth does.  Different skills but the potential to be just as successful. 

Thanks for the Heat updates! It sounds close but I´m not worried yet. =) I love you mom! I got an awesome email from Albanie. I love hearing from them. Tell Becky to email me because I don´t have her Email. Love you!

Elder Hackleman

Father and son Letters week of Jun 17th

Elder Hackleman

On Sunday June 16, 2013 at 11:30 pm, Tim Hackleman wrote:

Dear Elder Punkin Sonshine!

How was your week?? I heard rumors through Mission stalking on the internet that your Mission is splitting. Is that true? What's been happening? Your mom and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary yesterday. We went to the College World Series. I got tickets from work and we sat in the same seats that you and I sat in to watch the Omaha Night Hawks football team. We had a blast! Your mom and Becky got Tim and I tickets to see the Kansas City Chiefs play the 49er's in August for Father's Day. It's a pre-season game on a Friday night, but we are so excited!!

So what was your companion's name and where's he from? What's church like? What do you guys do on your p-Days? Play some soccer hopefully!

The family is doing great! Everyone is healthy and getting along pretty well. I can't remember if we told you that Seth was called as 1st Assistant to Bishop Ford. 

Anyway, I know you are super busy, so here's your lesson for the week:
Repeat after me:

¿Cuántos altos sacerdotes toma para cambiar una bombilla? Ninguno. Es más fácil dormir con la lección si no hay luz en el cuarto.

In english:
How many High Priests does it take to change a light bulb? None. It's easier to sleep through the lesson if there is no light in the room.

¡Ámele hijo! Papá

Hey dad! Sorry I didn´t have time to write back last week! I´ve been bummed about that all week. I hope you guys had a good anniversary! Did mom think those seats were awesome like we thought. I am so jealous that you and Tim are going to that game! Are mom and Becky going too or is it just a guy date? My companion´s name is Elder Kitchens. He´s from Ogden. Church is different. Haha It´s cool and there are tons of church buildings here but they are all built way different than those from the states. They are all built from cement and have nothing but tile as the floor. They are incredibly nice compared to every other building here though. I love Peruvians.  That´s awesome that Seth is First Assistant. That´s great. Everyone loves this week´s spanish lesson and....we can definitely tell that you use google translator! haha Love you dad.

Elder Hackleman