Monday, January 19, 2015

Baptism- End of December 2014


We baptized Familia Palomino! They got baptized after church yesterday and will get confirmed next Sunday. We had a miracle happen so that this family could get baptized.

They had gone to callao Saturday night to visit family and were going to come back that same night but they couldn’t. They ended up getting back at like 7 in the morning. We called them to make sure they were all going to come to church and the dad answered and said that the kids had fallen asleep but that he and his wife were going to come. We weren’t going to accept that so we went to their house and woke the kids up haha. They all made it to church and they all got baptized. It was a really spiritual baptism.

What a Wonderful Day!

I took a picture of my computer while I was skyping you and Seth at Christmas.

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