Monday, August 11, 2014

More Letters This Week

Elder Hackleman showing a pet turtle owned by a family he is teaching.

Just because Elder Hackleman is a missionary, is no reason to forget his love of American football.  

You've got to love the Heisman Pose with a Turtle.

On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 8:51 AM, Amy wrote:

Elder Hackleman,

I can't believe in less than one week you will be 21! Happy happy birthday. We will put some money in your account on Friday so you can buy yourself a birthday present from us. Make sure you take a picture so we know what we got you:)

Cousin Macy got home from her Spanish speaking mission this week.

So Macy got home from her mission on Thursday. For some reason it made me so jealous and homesick for you. As I was looking at the picture they posted on facebook of the homecoming at the airport I started to get a pit in my stomach and started to rethink whether or not we want to come and pick you up. In a way, I would love the excitement of seeing you get off the plane and having all our family and friends around to welcome you home. Plus, I'm a little scared of trying to get to a country when I don't speak Spanish. I'm afraid my nursery rhymes won't get me too far in Peru. What do you think? Maybe instead of coming to Peru to pick you up, you could go with your dad and I to Mexico to pick Seth up. Let me know your thoughts.

What do you have planned for your birthday? Are they having another big party for you?

How did it go with President Archibald?

Seth had his mission farewell talk yesterday. It was so good. I will send you a copy of it. Grant also spoke. I will send them in the next email. I have to run Nathan to work so you will actually get one more email from me in a half an hour.

The boys start school this week. Grant starts on Tuesday and Nathan on Wed. Nathan is still working at the baseball fields today and tomorrow. It has been a great job for him.

I love you.

I will write more in a few.

Love mom

Hey mom! I know it is pretty nuts that I will be 21. I don´t feel 21 yet....haha

Mom don´t worry about coming up, I am more than happy and excited to come walking down the hallway in the airport to see you guys in wonderful Omaha! I´d love to go to Mexico! I have a bunch of friends from there now that can show us the sights.

President is going to come this week I guess. I am stoked though, the man is a man of spiritual power. It is so awesome to learn from him.

I love you mom!

P.S. am I heismaning a giant turtle? tell me......

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  1. Happy Birthday Elder Hackleman! :-) I hope you have a wonderful day! We are proud of you! I know you are an amazing missionary! Keep up the good work :-) Love Aunt Christie and Uncle Troy