Sunday, February 1, 2015

Deflated Football - Funny Story

Deflated Football Went to Peru and Back

The funniest thing happened on Saturday, but to understand the significance of it you need to know the back story. Elder Hackleman played college football for Southern Virginia University before he went on his 2 year LDS mission to Peru. After he got to Peru he realized a lot of Peruvian people wanted to know more about "American Football." He would try to explain it and play a little with them but he found it impossible to describe without a football.  He couldn't find one anywhere so he requested we send him one in the mail. His grandmother sent a package with some treats, clothing and a deflated football in the box. This package was mailed over a year and a a half ago. Elder Hackleman received the package after about 2 months, but it had been opened and the football had been taken out.  The rest of the package was delivered to Elder Hackleman. Here is where the amazing part happens, last week, grandma got a package all the way from Peru. It was the deflated football mailed back to her with a message saying the package could not be delivered. Who knows where all this football had been or why it couldn't be delivered, but the most ironic thing is that it came back to the United States after all this time. Now Elder Hackleman has less than two years left on his mission and the football will be a sort of a souvenir for him when he gets home.

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