Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Younger Brother's Lament

Grant Has Regrets

Things I should have done with my brothers before they left on their missions.

Now that Grant is getting ready to turn 14 years old he has been able to recognize regrets that he has. Yesterday he was talking about two major regrets he should have done with his brothers before they left on their missions.

1. Teach them how to do laundry.

Grant has been doing laundry since he was 5 years old and his mother had neck surgery. His older brothers had a certain leadership quality that enabled them to pull a Tom Sawyer on everyone in their circle which makes for an un-canning ability to talk other people into doing their laundry for them. Even when Elder Hackleman was at college for a year he didn't do his laundry. He had a very nice lady who cleaned the laundry room and bathrooms at the dorms, who would do his laundry for him, and the football teams equipment was all laundered for the football team.

Grant decided he is going to once and for all teach his brothers when they get home from their missions.

2. Teach them how to Sew.

Grant happens to be very good at sewing. He now wishes he would have taught a little bit more to his brothers so they wouldn't have to go through life with bad sewing skills.  Take for example exhibit A.

Exhibit A

This is Elder S. Hackleman's laundry bag. 

It ripped so he decided to teach himself how to sew. He thinks it looks pretty amazing.  Maybe a little more practice and he can have the skill level of his little brother.

Not that the Hackleman brothers are competitive or anything, but which sewing do you think is better?
Yes, Grant has skills.

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